This Thing Called Love

So… if you met me in real life you probably wouldn’t believe this, but I LOVE talking about things I’m passionate about. Maybe not face to face in real life, but I can make a mean blog post or video or conference call speech hehehe. 🙂

I truly believe in following your dreams and living out your passion, but I also believe in using your gift to fulfill your purpose. It’s no secret that my gift is writing, and I do a fairly good job at fulfilling my purpose (teaching) through my novels, but I wanted to take it a little further.

Enter This Thing Called Love.

It’s my online radio talk show where topics will range from love, lust and all that other stuff in between. I hope you’ll tune in. It will air every Tuesday at 7pm CST starting 8/8/2017.

Here’s the link for the podcast, and I hope you will follow me so you can stay up to date with all of my episodes ❤