Allow me to introduce myself :)

Allow me to introduce myself :)

Hey, Beloved!

With my rebrand underway I realized I never really introduced myself. Can I do so now? If you don’t mind, I’d like to meet you back here again Wednesday to introduce you to my next set of characters.

First, B.

Where should I begin?

I started writing at the age of 12. Music. Poetry at 14. Back to music at 16. My first novel at 18. When I first started reading for pleasure it was Urban / street lit. As I grew older I switched to AA romance. The first novel I completed was urban. I would switch from urban to drama over the years. I actually didn’t grow to love writing romance until 25.

My first published series was urban romance in 2015. Since then, I’ve dabbled in numerous genres – urban, urban romance, contemporary romance, Christian romance, drama and nonfiction. I guess I started writing romance because it was what I was missing in my life. It was my way of breathing love into my life through my characters.

Now, that’s the only thing I ever want to write.

Feel good soul snatching romance.

Starting in August I will only be writing contemporary romance with nonfiction novels here and there.

I’ve become fully aware of the power I have through my writing, and I want to be known for spreading love and empowerment to everyone that connects to me through my writing.

August 1st I’m dropping the first novel for my rebrand, and it really feels like my first release all over again. There’s so much weight behind this one because it’s the start of my new identity. My new focus in my writing. My new style of writing. I’ve always been known for my messages of self-love, Godly love, unconditional love… just love 🙂 and womanhood! Those themes will still be in my writing of course, but from this point forward there will be less emphasis on plots and storylines and more emphasis on internal conflict and breakthrough.

Does that mean I’m not going to send you on a whirlwind ride with plots that are unique and creative and storylines that keep you engaged? Not at all. That’s simply not going to be my main focus. My main focus is going to be my characters, their love and their growth.

First up will be Jaxon Jeffries and Luana Berry.

Their book comes out 8.1.17.

Meet me back here Wednesday to get a glimpse into their lives 🙂

Until next time,

Love, B.


New release – If you give me yours

New release – If you give me yours

Hey, beloveds!

My latest release is now available on Amazon! This one is for book and music lovers alike…

Synopsis –

Sulu Kano wasn’t a rapper who made gangster music; he was a gangster who rapped. With time and maturity, his desire to glorify a life he no longer lived or believed in began to fade. Wanting to use his power and platform for good instead of evil, Sulu sets out to become the voice of his people. There’s just one person standing in the way of his change… his manager – Silas.

Maisyn Young left Memphis almost ten years ago because her parents believed that was the only way she would survive. Between parents who struggled to make ends meet and bad influences, Chicago quickly became Maisyn’s safe haven and place of rebirth. Even still, she finds herself returning to Memphis for the M-Town Sounds talent competition. With a desire to fulfill her dreams and provide for her family, Maisyn is willing to do whatever it takes to make it big. There’s just one person standing in the way of her dreams… her new manager’s daughter – Conoshia.

Both Sulu and Maisyn have admired each other from afar, so when they find themselves in the same city and on the same record label it seems as if fate is the DJ for their musical and romantic collaboration. Their past ties and ex partners aren’t thrilled to see the two join forces out of fear that their love and music will take them to heights old lovers are too low to reach. With envy, secrets, and betrayal following Sulu and Maisyn at every turn they are left with one question; is love worth risking the success they’ve gained… or does that success mean nothing without each other?

*This is a fast paced instalove story where the characters experience love at first sight. “If You Give Me Yours” is book one of a two-part urban series. Although both books can be read as standalones the characters do overlap in each book. If either of these things go against your personal preference, please skip this novel on your search for literary entertainment.*

As always, thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy!

Book link!


Beloved, it’s okay to be confident.

Beloved, it’s okay to be confident.

Happy Sunday! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a blog for self-love Sunday, so here we are!

When you have people telling you things like, “You are too humble,” “Stop sleeping on yourself,” and, “You are way too intelligent and talented to be where you are. What’s holding you back?” it’s time to do some self-evaluation. At the end of my evaluation I realized the problem isn’t that I’m too humble, sleeping on myself, or anything of that nature. The problem is that I wasn’t confident in myself and in turn I wasn’t releasing that confidence into the world.

I wasn’t advertising my confidence. My abilities. My talent. My knowledge. My POWER. My freaking BLACK GIRL MAGIC. Those things that make me uniquely ME.

I’ve seen it time and time again… you know… the power of boosting. The power of promotion. The power of standing behind a person, product, book, whatever the case may be… and the belief in that thing being so real and confident that it has made people believe in that thing too.

That’s what confidence does. Confidence = The feeling or belief that someone can rely on something or someone; firm belief. Trust. Faith. Conviction. The state of feeling certain about the truth of something. A feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s abilities or qualities.

Confidence, beloved, is basically BELIEF in yourself. Your talent. Your gift. Your craft. Your appearance. Your… YOU. It’s trusting in yourself and your abilities. It’s being certain that you’re a bad a* that can get things done!

I can pretty much guarantee you that if a business chose two forms of promotion – an ad with their product name and uses and a video testimonial with someone describing how that product helped them and that they’re sure it will work for the viewers watching that the video will bring in far more sales than the ad.

People connect with people. More than that, they connect with genuine confidence. If I told you how great my book was and I was super confident that you would enjoy it, you’d try it wouldn’t you? But if I simply posted that I wrote a book would that catch your interest? How am I going to get you to take a chance on me and believe in me if I don’t even believe in myself?

That’s where confidence comes in.

People who love themselves are confident. They are confident in the God in them. They are confident in their talents. Their gifting. Their love. Their appearance. Even in their weaknesses and challenges, truly confident people will either work to correct those weaknesses or display them proudly as that which makes them human — still putting their confidence in full display.

Listen, beloved, you have to believe in yourself. You have to believe in yourself because if you don’t no one else will. You have to be your biggest fan. You’ve spent enough time being your hardest critic and worst enemy. You have to confidently release your gifts and purpose to the world. Make them believe in what you have to offer. YOU are POWERFUL, but YOU have to believe it. You have to tap into that power and release it to the world. It will NOT do it for you.



It’s time to celebrate!

It’s time to celebrate!


Can we take a moment to celebrate the fact that I just completed the longest novel of my career? Okay, so the goal was 160,000 words, but I hit just a little under 140,000. The old me would be sad because I didn’t hit my goal, however, the new me is like, “Girl, you wrote AND edited 100,000 words in 10 days. Get yo life!”

That’s how we do sometimes. We don’t appreciate the victories, but we magnify the failures or shortcomings. Not this time!

I’m proud of myself!

It’s time to freaking celebrate!

My book, The Ashes: The Medina Sisters’ Story will be released tomorrow 6/1/17. I’m going to drop the synopsis on this blog, and if it leaves you wanting more there’s going to be a sneak peek on my Facebook Author page tonight at 7pm CST.

Here’s the link to like my page -> Author B. Love


Oscar and Selena Medina gave birth to four beautiful baby girls – Fury, Blaze, Arsen, and Red. Because of Oscar’s business, the girls grew up close and tough. As time progressed, the girls grew into women and their bond wavered. When Oscar goes missing the sisters reunite, and their already fragile bond completely unravels or ties into an infinity knot that not even death can pull loose.

As the oldest sister and leader, Fury has taken on the burden of finding their father. Her biggest adversary? Her mother. It seems strange to Fury that Selena so quickly and willingly gives up the search for her father, but she has a bigger battle to face – her heart. Her past. Her rekindled feelings for her childhood best friend and first love – Wade Lamar.

Blaze couldn’t care less either way about her father returning home alive. In her mind, all of her family let her down when she needed them most. Now that they need her, Blaze has no desire to help them find Oscar or grieve for him in his absence. All she cares about is herself and her business; until she meets Maddox Reyes.

Although Arsen isn’t the youngest of the sisters, she looks and acts the part. Her quiet and distant innocence has driven an even bigger wedge between her and her sisters. As if dealing with the disappearance of her father isn’t enough, Arsen has gotten herself into a bit of a sticky situation with her best friend, Morgan. She’s so embarrassed that she can’t even go to her big sisters for help. To her benefit, that help comes from Knox Hearst.

As the baby of the family, Red is used to being spoiled, coddled, and getting anything she wants. When she leaves for college and gets her first taste of independence she finds herself stressed beyond measure. Between trying to master five classes and work two jobs, Red is right at the brink of a meltdown that her family knows nothing about – until Nicholas Black comes to her aid with an offer she can’t refuse.

In The Ashes, these sisters are dealing with not only their own personal demons and issues, but they are also dealing with their father missing, secrets coming to the surface, and betrayal from those they least expected. At the end of their weary days all they have is each other… but with so much tension and distance between them… will that be enough?

The Ashes: The Medina Sisters’ Story is a 140,000-word novel with explicit language and some instances of instalove or love at first sight. If either of these aren’t your preference please skip The Ashes as an option for your reading pleasure.



Coming tomorrow! – To be Loved by You

Coming tomorrow! – To be Loved by You

Tomorrow, To be Loved by You will be released!

to_be_loved_by_youOriginally, this was supposed to be a series. I released part 1 in March (I think) lol. I decided to turn it into a standalone, so tomorrow’s release combines both parts 1 and 2!

Synopsis –

Kenzo Mahailey never wanted to be a part of his family’s criminal organization. When his older brother dies, Kenzo thinks this is his way out – until he finds out his brother’s replacement.

Isa Mahailey never wanted to be a part of her husband’s criminal organization. When Andreas dies, Isa thinks this is her way out – until he names her as his replacement.

Malin Mahailey has always wanted to rule his family’s criminal organization. When his older brother dies, Malin thinks this is his way in – until he finds out his brother’s replacement.

With Andreas gone, tension builds between Isa and Malin, while temptation threatens to connect her and Kenzo in a way she never thought was possible. On one side of her, Malin is trying to steal the throne she never wanted. On the other… Kenzo is trying to make her his wife and Queen.

To be Loved by You is a complete 89,000-word drama packed tale of love and loyalty. One where Isa’s choice between her deceased husband or his off limits brother has the power to change the Mahailey family forever.

Advisory – To be Loved by You is a fast paced urban novel that contains explicit language and implied violence. If either of these offend you, To be Loved by You should be skipped in your search for reading pleasure.

Hope you’re ready for a crazy ride!!

A mix of Patrick Star and Erykah Badu (For the creatives and those who read and view what we create)

A mix of Patrick Star and Erykah Badu (For the creatives and those who read and view what we create)

“It’s too fast paced.”

“It was boring.”

“All of her books are the same.”

“This wasn’t like B. Love. It was different. I don’t like this for her.”

“It was great, but way too short.”

“It wasn’t deep enough like her other stuff.”

“Not long enough.”

“Not like her other stuff.”

“Didn’t like this from her.”

“Not like her other stuff.”

“Didn’t like this from her.”

“Not like her other stuff.”

“Didn’t like this from her.”

…but is that so bad?

Is it a crime to be different? To stand out? I pride myself in being unique and different. Must I ALWAYS write the same things the same way every time????

Okay, breathe.

Let’s start this conversation over.

Title –

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make the title, “The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma,” from Patrick on SpongeBob – “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my s*,” like Erykah Badu – “Random ramblings” – or “For the creatives.”

Still now, I’m not sure what the title is going to be. I guess we’ll find out at the same time lol.

Reason for the blog –

My next novel will be the biggest one I’ve written. The goal is 160K. I felt like in order for me to really give it my all that it’s imperative for me to remove myself from social media. My blog will be my way of remaining connected with MY world. MY readers.

So, I’m going to be blogging a lot more consistently through this process. Not sure how long I’ll be writing. Not sure how consistently I’ll be blogging. But both will be done. And both are gonna blow your mind! Too corny? Okay, let me refocus.

This blog is going to serve as my platform to dump all that I’m feeling out before I start my writing. If you can’t tell from the quotes / reviews at the top of this blog, this dump is for the creatives. For the creatives and authors who step out of the box. For the creatives who like to go against the grain. For the creatives who get chewed up if they do what is expected and if they do something different.

My advice? (To you and to me.)

You can’t please everyone!

There will ALWAYS be someone who has SOMETHING to say! They may say it to you, to someone else, or to themselves (which we want but hardly ever happens lol), but there will always be someone who won’t feel it. Who won’t get it. Who won’t vibe with it. Sometimes they’ll have genuine reasons. Sometimes it will be just a personal preference. Sometimes it will be just freaking because.

You can’t get caught up in that, though.

I know I know, your inner Badu want’s to come out and be like, but I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my s*. Who wants their work to be judged by the world? Well, creative, apparently you do because you put it out into the world. Oh? You didn’t want it to be judged negatively? You just wanted the love, support, adoration, and positive feedback?

Sorry, creative. That’s not how it works. You have to take the good with the bad. The beautiful with the ugly. The praise with the critiques. The beautiful with the downright ugly.

What’s the trick to handling it all?

To not be lifted high and made proud by the good, nor to be brought down low by the bad.


Reread that last line, creative. I am.

Creative expression of any kind is personal. It comes from experience, emotions, pain, love, devotion. It’s your heart and soul. You pour your all into it, right? You get attached to it, and because it’s your heart and soul and you take it personally you feel the need to protect your craft. Your art. Your music. Your books. Your whatever.

You have the RIGHT to be sensitive about your s*.


The moment you put yourself out there in front of the world you know what you did? You stripped yourself of your armor. You stripped yourself of your protection. You stripped yourself of your clothing. You opened yourself up in the most naked and vulnerable way. You puffed your chest out, pulled your rib cage open, pointed neon lighted signs at your heart that read, “Insert all of YOUR opinions about MY heart and passion and creativity and work HERE. Right HERE. In my HEART. In the CORE OF MY BEING.”

That’s what every creative does when they share their work with the world.

So, yes, I understand the sensitivity. I understand the hurt and pain and anger that comes when your work isn’t understood, appreciated, or accepted, but guess what?

It comes with the territory my creative friend.

Just because you’re sharing YOUR vision with the world doesn’t mean they will see it as you do. In all honesty, what good would that really be? Go with me here, I’m trying to make a point lol.

What point?!?

The point is…

As a creative, WE must create with all of our hearts and souls, but share it with the world in a detached sense.

As a creative, WE must be turtles.

Yea, turtles.

Soft and mushy on the inside but hard on the outside. Hard with thick skin. Thick skin that can withstand the criticisms of the world. No matter how right, wrong, unnecessary, or hurtful they may be.

Be turtles, creatives. Be able to accept the good and the bad reviews, critiques, and opinions of the world that you’ve nakedly exposed yourself to in all of your vulnerability.

To our viewers… to the people we share ourselves with…

Yes, we know that we’re opening ourselves up to you. We know that the moment we presented our craft to you that we gave you permission to let us know how you feel about our hearts, but can you do so in a nice and respectful way? You don’t have to be mean, hurtful, harsh, and insensitive. You don’t have to bash us because you didn’t agree with our vision. It’s ours. And you have yours. It’s great when they connect. Understandable when they don’t. I’m open. We’re open. Can you be open too?

Can you remember that this isn’t a song, or book, or piece of art, or talent, or gift, or ability that was created and given to you by an emotionless robot? No. We are humans. We feel. We feel very deeply about that thing you’re critiquing. Can you remember that?

Okay, I guess I’m done dumping today.

Catch me here again later?