Quickie – If You Ever Change Your Mind

Quickie – If You Ever Change Your Mind

Hey, Beloved!

My next release (the spinoff for Just Say You Love Me) goes live 8.15.17! I’m so excited for you to read Lucas and Hali’s story! They are like… the total and complete opposites of Jaxon and Luana! Here’s the synopsis and a quick sneak peek. Hope you’re ready for the rest Tuesday 🙂


Lucas Berry has never been the type to take the traditional route with anything in his life. Even when he considers it, life throws him a curveball that causes him to take an entirely different path. The last curveball, a pregnant friend with benefits, caused Lucas to make an illegal move that led to his sister, Luana, being bound to Jaxon Jeffries. At first meeting Jaxon, Lucas considers him to be a man that will never be worthy of his respect and admiration, but there is one thing that Jaxon shares with Lucas that changes his life forever – the importance of choosing a wife instead of letting something as reckless and irrational as love choose one for you.

Hali Davison has never been the type to step out of the traditional route with anything in her life. Even when she considers it, life throws her a curveball that causes her to return to the safe, predictable path she grew up on. The last curveball, finding out the man she’s loved all of her life practically was getting married to a woman that wasn’t her, has Hali reconsidering her safe and predictable lifestyle. If her last chance at letting Lucas know how she really feels for him is at his wedding… so be it.

Lucas is stuck between doing the right thing and following his heart. His childhood has made it difficult for him to believe that true love exists, which is a great deal of the reason why he’s fought his feelings for Hali over the years.

With his natural hair product line reaching heights he never thought were possible, Lucas is determined to secure his life mate now before his money, power and status make it impossible to choose a woman who wants him for him and not who he is and what he has. There’s just one question he’s faced with on the day of his wedding; is that woman Shanice, the woman responsible for giving him his first child, or Hali, the woman responsible for giving him his first taste of love – no matter how much he thought he didn’t want it.

Quickie sneak peek – (Unedited)

No one else sensed it, but Luana was able to quickly pick up on her brother’s nervous energy. He was minutes away from marrying Shanice, the mother of his firstborn son – Luca Antony Berry. It was immediately after Lucas cut the umbilical cord that he asked Shanice to marry him, but now that they were minutes away from that actually happening… Lucas wasn’t so sure anymore. Dre, Lucas’ cousin, handed him the small, sample sized bottle of Hennessey that he’d carried in his pocket for this very moment.
“You ready, cuz?” Dre asked, squeezing Lucas’ shoulder, “It’s about that time.”
Lucas nodded, meeting Luana’s eyes. She wasn’t just his best friend and sister; she was also his best woman. Taking all three of her roles seriously, Luana whispered something into her husband’s ear and they both began to respectfully and quickly clear the room until only Lucas and Mayor Jaxon Jeffries remained.
Lucas admittedly wasn’t the biggest fan of Jaxon when he first heard of him, but as time progressed and he got to know him and witness the love he had for his sister unfold, both men learned to respect each other. That, and the fact that Jaxon spared Lucas and allowed him to keep his freedom when most others would’ve taken that or his life.
“Luana figured you needed some time to get your mind right,” Jaxon informed him, “Do you need anything before I head out?”
Lucas grabbed the box that held Shanice’s ring and opened it. He had yet to give it to Luana for the ceremony. Did his hesitation mean something that his mind wasn’t allowing him to register? No. That couldn’t have been the case. He was just… waiting.
“I need you to tell me that I’m making the right decision,” Lucas smiled softly and shook his head. He snapped the box shut and placed it back on the table, “That I’m not setting myself up to experience the same tortured life my parents led.”
Jaxon leaned against the table as he sighed heavily. He ran his hand against his freshly shaved head as it shook.
“That’s one thing I can’t tell you,” Jaxon confessed, placing his hands in his pockets, “I don’t want to be responsible for such a huge decision, and that’s something that really only you can answer. What’s causing your doubts?”
Lucas looked around the room that had suit jackets tossed over anything that would hold them. This wasn’t how he thought he would feel minutes before his wedding. Actually, he never thought he would have a wedding. Him or Luana. But love found her and a baby found him. Now Luana was happily married to the man who Lucas undeniably believed complemented her perfectly, while Lucas was about to be married to the first woman to ever snatch his seed.
“I don’t love her,” Lucas confessed as normally as he would tell someone the weather for the day, “I barely like her. We have our good days, but most of what we had was built on lustful nights. I just… don’t want to risk marrying her and not having the strength or courage to leave if things go south.”
“Then why are you marrying her?”

Find out Tuesday! For now, If You Ever Change Your Mind is available for preorder here.

Until next time,

B. Love


People who love themselves celebrate themselves.

People who love themselves celebrate themselves.

Hardly ever do I hear a quote that follows me over the years. It’s even more of a rarity for that quote to come from someone that I don’t consider a mentor or loved one. And a comedian?? Oh no. Never thought that was possible.

But it was.

Aaallllllll the way back in 2008 I heard something that has resonated within me over the years. I will admit, I have just recently started putting this into play, but it’s been there for years.

Can you guess what it was? Don’t bother. You won’t be able to figure it out. It was Katt Williams talking about the need to be in tune with your star player. And who is your star player? YOU ARE, HONEY!

Now, with me being on my whole self-love journey over the past year or so I have seriously been putting my star player first. Staying in tune with my star player. Why? Because I understand that in order for me to pour into the lives of others I must first be full myself.

With me learning to love myself on a deeper level, I realized the need to celebrate myself more as well. Have you ever noticed when you give women a compliment most times they’re bashful and unwilling to take the compliment? Or if they do, they draw your attention to a flaw? Maybe it’s just me *shrugs* but I used to have a bad habit of accepting a compliment and pushing the attention away from myself, or drawing attention to a flaw. Why? It was hard for me to receive compliments from others because I wasn’t complimenting myself.

Two dangerous habits can form when we don’t celebrate ourselves – 1. We seek to have ourselves validated by others, or 2. We train our brains to filter out the good and only focus on the bad from ourselves and others.

Both of these are horrible because if you seek validation from others you give them the power to lift you up AND pull you down. AND if you focus too much on negativity and your brain starts to think that’s what’s most important to you that will be what it filters in consistently. You will create an extremely toxic habit of being able to only see the negative about yourself, and that will eventually lead to every other area of your life. And what type of life will that be?

With my last release, Just Say You Love Me, it came to my mind that I stopped celebrating myself and my accomplishments. I stopped taking the time to say, “Girl, you’re living your dreams. You just published an amazing novel. Celebrate yoself!” I stopped going to get manicures and pedicures and birthday cake pops on release days. I stopped making those my rest days, and immediately started working on the next project.

I stopped savoring the moment. Appreciating the gift that is within me. Celebrating my creativity. My black girl magic. The fact that gold seeps from the tips of my fingers and enriches every person that reads my masterpiece.

That’s right; I create masterpieces.

And for a second, I forgot that.

I got so caught up in the hustle and the process and the work that I failed to take a moment to appreciate the weight of me accomplishing such an amazing thing.

Do you celebrate yourself? Do you compliment yourself? Do you value the beauty and the beast within you?

Have you ever just taken a moment to stop and say, “Honey, you’re doing an amazing job,” to yourself and mean it???

I dare you to start taking one brief moment a day to celebrate you. It can be something as simple as praising yourself for not exploding into a fit of road rage, completing an important task on time or getting your kids ready to leave out in the morning. Whatever it is, no matter how big or small, celebrate your dopeness.

And while you’re at it, celebrate mine too 🙂 Check out my latest novel on Amazon. It’s my best work if I do say so myself 😉

Just Say You Love Me


Allow me to introduce myself :)

Allow me to introduce myself :)

Hey, Beloved!

With my rebrand underway I realized I never really introduced myself. Can I do so now? If you don’t mind, I’d like to meet you back here again Wednesday to introduce you to my next set of characters.

First, B.

Where should I begin?

I started writing at the age of 12. Music. Poetry at 14. Back to music at 16. My first novel at 18. When I first started reading for pleasure it was Urban / street lit. As I grew older I switched to AA romance. The first novel I completed was urban. I would switch from urban to drama over the years. I actually didn’t grow to love writing romance until 25.

My first published series was urban romance in 2015. Since then, I’ve dabbled in numerous genres – urban, urban romance, contemporary romance, Christian romance, drama and nonfiction. I guess I started writing romance because it was what I was missing in my life. It was my way of breathing love into my life through my characters.

Now, that’s the only thing I ever want to write.

Feel good soul snatching romance.

Starting in August I will only be writing contemporary romance with nonfiction novels here and there.

I’ve become fully aware of the power I have through my writing, and I want to be known for spreading love and empowerment to everyone that connects to me through my writing.

August 1st I’m dropping the first novel for my rebrand, and it really feels like my first release all over again. There’s so much weight behind this one because it’s the start of my new identity. My new focus in my writing. My new style of writing. I’ve always been known for my messages of self-love, Godly love, unconditional love… just love 🙂 and womanhood! Those themes will still be in my writing of course, but from this point forward there will be less emphasis on plots and storylines and more emphasis on internal conflict and breakthrough.

Does that mean I’m not going to send you on a whirlwind ride with plots that are unique and creative and storylines that keep you engaged? Not at all. That’s simply not going to be my main focus. My main focus is going to be my characters, their love and their growth.

First up will be Jaxon Jeffries and Luana Berry.

Their book comes out 8.1.17.

Meet me back here Wednesday to get a glimpse into their lives 🙂

Until next time,

Love, B.


People who love themselves CONSISTENTLY set the standard for how people treat them.

People who love themselves CONSISTENTLY set the standard for how people treat them.

I know that I say this a lot, but you set the standard for how people treat you. I know. I know.

But do you really understand the weight of that statement?

Is that something that you are actually listening to and applying to your life? Or is it just an affirmation that makes you feel good after you read my blog but you quickly forget about it soon after?

Let me sip some tea on my own self for this one!

Even with me knowing full well that I set the standard for how people treat me, I still have those moments where I don’t value myself fully, in turn giving others the chance to devalue me. It’s in that moment that I realize the issue isn’t with them; it’s with me.

It’s kind of like this – if I want to find out my weight, I have to get on a scale to find out, right? If there are two scales in front of me, I can only step on one at a time to gauge my weight. If someone is standing directly next to me on a scale I cannot find my weight on their scale. That’s THEIR scale. That’s THEIR weight. MY scale tells me MY weight. MY scale tells me MY worth. MY opinion of MYSELF determines MY value. You will NEVER be able to tell YOUR weight by watching someone else’s scale, just like they will NEVER be able to tell you YOUR worth from THEIR scale.

Beloved, no one on this earth will ever be able to determine your value. You do that. You determine your worth, which in turn sets the standard for how people treat you.

I guess after years of being deemed worth less by other races, our parents, our siblings, other women/men and our spouses… we have a bad habit of not valuing ourselves. Of hating ourselves. Of thinking we are worth less. So we try to add to our value with outside changes and material things, or accolades and monetary success… instead of realizing that our worthiness comes from within.

So here’s the point of this blog. It happened around the time I did my last series. For part one, I made the book .99 cents. Less than a dollar. A fifty thousand word book. Less than a dollar. Really, it was less than .50 cents because of the way Amazon splits royalties, but that’s a whole other topic for another day. I basically set myself up to receive .35 cents per purchase of this book that I’d poured my heart and soul into.

.35 cents, Beloved.

Yea, I placed it on Kindle Unlimited, which allows me to get paid per page read, but that per page read amount is less than a penny!

Why did I do this? Because that’s the standard that was set before I even released my first series almost two years ago.

( This isn’t a complaining post about money so hang in there with me 🙂 )

That’s what was done before me and that’s what readers expect, so that’s what I did. It wasn’t until one of my readers inboxed me and straight up asked me what the heck my book was doing being priced so cheap that I realized I was devaluing my work. It took someone on the outside looking in to remind me that I set the standard not just for how people treat me, but for how people value my work as well.

Sure, you fear rejection when you step away from the norm, but so what? As long as you conform you’re making that treatment okay and acceptable. My books are worth far more than .35 cents. Than .99 cents. And until I set the standard and price them the way they deserved to be priced they will CONTINUE TO LOSE VALUE.

Just like you, Beloved.

People who love themselves set the standard for how people treat them. They know their worth and charge people accordingly to be in their lives. I’ve said it in a book before; there is a price and cost for everything. The cost is what you pay to sell something or be with someone. The price is what someone pays for what you’re offering.

In all things, business, family, relationships, etc. make sure that you don’t lower your value by giving yourself, your love, your talent away freely or cheaper than your worth. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. If they don’t want to follow the standard that you’ve set and give you what you’re worth… leave.

People who love themselves know that they aren’t worthless. They aren’t worth less. They know that they determine their value internally and don’t allow the misconceptions of the world to tell them otherwise.

Do you set the standard, Beloved? Or are you allowing someone else’s scale to determine your worth?

Until next time,

Love, B.


People who love themselves seek wholeness.

People who love themselves seek wholeness.

Happy self-love Sunday!

Yesterday, I was reminded of something I’ve always known. People who love themselves seek wholeness. They care for their entire well-being – body, mind, soul and spirit. I realized yesterday that I was neglecting my spirit. My oneness with God. That neglect had my ENTIRE being out of whack.

See, what happens is… when you aren’t getting your fill from the Source, you seek to have artificial replacements by other things or people. In reality; nothing will ever satisfy you the way God will. For me, I was empty, and I was trying to satisfy that God sized hole with other things. Mainly, work. 

As a full-time writer it is SO easy to lose myself in my work. There have been days where I write from sun up to sun down. Heck, pre-sun up to sun down.

When I was centered and balanced that was fine. When I was waking up praying and meditating and reading my bible that was fine. When I was having my breakfast and seeing to myself first that was fine. When I was taking the time for food breaks and social breaks to connect with real life humans that was fine. It became an issue when my writing consumed me.

I wasn’t doing it because of my love and passion for writing. For creating. For giving life. I was doing it because it felt like it was all I had. I was doing it because I was trying to fill that void.

I say this all the time, but obviously I let it slip my mind – when you go to man, or substances, or things, or WORK, with God sized needs and expectations you’re going to be disappointed.

The MORE I worked the LESS satisfied I was.

It got to the point where I was disgusted with the entire process. The entire process, fam. Do you know how devastating that was? To be disgusted by my greatest joy and passion? That hurt. That’s enough to make a G like me cry.

I decided to take a break from releasing for the rest of this month to focus on my rebrand. A part of that rebrand includes consistent blogging, one book release a month, AND… (THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART) doing straight up contemporary traditional old school feel good romance. I’m talking Francis Ray, Donna Hill, Brenda Jackson, Beverly Jenkins romance.

Yaaaasssssss, honey!

That’s what I’ll be doing in August!

No more of my rough romance. No more of my urban romance. No more of my crazy love stories. I’m dropping nothing but feel good, soul wrenching ( but just for a little while. I’ll make it feel better 🙂 ), emotional rollercoaster, snatching your breath and edges romance.

Do you hear me?

But before I sat down to write a sentence I had to get my mind right. That’s what happened yesterday. I realized that it wasn’t because I wasn’t satisfied with my writing, or my success, or my platform or any of those things that had me feeling down and empty. It was because I was off balance. I wasn’t centered. I wasn’t seeing to myself. I wasn’t WHOLE.

Beloved, your girl was BREAKING. CHIPPING. CRACKING. My cup no longer runneth over! My love and wisdom and conviction and passion and purpose was seeping through.

I was trying to use my work and writing to fill the voids of not seeing to myself and my relationship with God like I should. I ached for something… for Him… and nothing could satisfy me. So, with that realization I was IMMEDIATELY filled with peace. My Potter began to reshape me. His clay. The holes along my soul were sealed to allow me to hold in all of His love for me. All of His wisdom and creativity that he decides to share with me.

And you know what that led to? Peace. Happiness. Wholeness. Loving what I do again. Wanting to do what I do again.

That’s wholeness. Taking care of YOU. Every part of you. Not seeking without what must be found within.

Are you whole? Are you on a journey of daily wholeness? Are you seeing to your needs? ALL of your needs? Mind, body, soul and spirit? Are you eating right? Exercising? Taking time to relax and get your mind right? You got those goals and dreams and visions? What about your soul? Who are you loving on and communing with on earth? Family? Friends? Spouse? Kids? Dogs? What about your spirit? Are you allowing God to love on you and be loved by you? What about your finances? You taking care of business?

People who love themselves seek wholeness. They don’t neglect one part of their life for another. They understand that in order for one area to flourish abundantly so must the others.

I say all the time that I don’t want to be rich; I want to be wealthy. Well, I don’t want just my finances to prosper; I want EVERY area of my life to prosper. That’s the key. That’s wholeness.

Are you whole?



New release – If you give me yours

New release – If you give me yours

Hey, beloveds!

My latest release is now available on Amazon! This one is for book and music lovers alike…

Synopsis –

Sulu Kano wasn’t a rapper who made gangster music; he was a gangster who rapped. With time and maturity, his desire to glorify a life he no longer lived or believed in began to fade. Wanting to use his power and platform for good instead of evil, Sulu sets out to become the voice of his people. There’s just one person standing in the way of his change… his manager – Silas.

Maisyn Young left Memphis almost ten years ago because her parents believed that was the only way she would survive. Between parents who struggled to make ends meet and bad influences, Chicago quickly became Maisyn’s safe haven and place of rebirth. Even still, she finds herself returning to Memphis for the M-Town Sounds talent competition. With a desire to fulfill her dreams and provide for her family, Maisyn is willing to do whatever it takes to make it big. There’s just one person standing in the way of her dreams… her new manager’s daughter – Conoshia.

Both Sulu and Maisyn have admired each other from afar, so when they find themselves in the same city and on the same record label it seems as if fate is the DJ for their musical and romantic collaboration. Their past ties and ex partners aren’t thrilled to see the two join forces out of fear that their love and music will take them to heights old lovers are too low to reach. With envy, secrets, and betrayal following Sulu and Maisyn at every turn they are left with one question; is love worth risking the success they’ve gained… or does that success mean nothing without each other?

*This is a fast paced instalove story where the characters experience love at first sight. “If You Give Me Yours” is book one of a two-part urban series. Although both books can be read as standalones the characters do overlap in each book. If either of these things go against your personal preference, please skip this novel on your search for literary entertainment.*

As always, thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy!

Book link!


Beloved, it’s okay to be confident.

Beloved, it’s okay to be confident.

Happy Sunday! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a blog for self-love Sunday, so here we are!

When you have people telling you things like, “You are too humble,” “Stop sleeping on yourself,” and, “You are way too intelligent and talented to be where you are. What’s holding you back?” it’s time to do some self-evaluation. At the end of my evaluation I realized the problem isn’t that I’m too humble, sleeping on myself, or anything of that nature. The problem is that I wasn’t confident in myself and in turn I wasn’t releasing that confidence into the world.

I wasn’t advertising my confidence. My abilities. My talent. My knowledge. My POWER. My freaking BLACK GIRL MAGIC. Those things that make me uniquely ME.

I’ve seen it time and time again… you know… the power of boosting. The power of promotion. The power of standing behind a person, product, book, whatever the case may be… and the belief in that thing being so real and confident that it has made people believe in that thing too.

That’s what confidence does. Confidence = The feeling or belief that someone can rely on something or someone; firm belief. Trust. Faith. Conviction. The state of feeling certain about the truth of something. A feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s abilities or qualities.

Confidence, beloved, is basically BELIEF in yourself. Your talent. Your gift. Your craft. Your appearance. Your… YOU. It’s trusting in yourself and your abilities. It’s being certain that you’re a bad a* that can get things done!

I can pretty much guarantee you that if a business chose two forms of promotion – an ad with their product name and uses and a video testimonial with someone describing how that product helped them and that they’re sure it will work for the viewers watching that the video will bring in far more sales than the ad.

People connect with people. More than that, they connect with genuine confidence. If I told you how great my book was and I was super confident that you would enjoy it, you’d try it wouldn’t you? But if I simply posted that I wrote a book would that catch your interest? How am I going to get you to take a chance on me and believe in me if I don’t even believe in myself?

That’s where confidence comes in.

People who love themselves are confident. They are confident in the God in them. They are confident in their talents. Their gifting. Their love. Their appearance. Even in their weaknesses and challenges, truly confident people will either work to correct those weaknesses or display them proudly as that which makes them human — still putting their confidence in full display.

Listen, beloved, you have to believe in yourself. You have to believe in yourself because if you don’t no one else will. You have to be your biggest fan. You’ve spent enough time being your hardest critic and worst enemy. You have to confidently release your gifts and purpose to the world. Make them believe in what you have to offer. YOU are POWERFUL, but YOU have to believe it. You have to tap into that power and release it to the world. It will NOT do it for you.