Introducing… the cast of Just Say You Love Me

Introducing… the cast of Just Say You Love Me

Hey, Beloved!

Welcome back 🙂

Monday you got a little more acquainted with me; now it’s time to meet my next set of characters!


Jaxon Jeffries and Luana Berry

Jaxon Jeffries is a 31 year old mayoral hopeful. His main priority right now is to become the Mayor of Memphis, and he’s willing to do just about anything to make that happen – including taking on a temporary wife.

Luana Berry is a 25 year old senior in college. All she’s had for most of her life to rely on is her brother, Lucas, and for the most part she’s been okay with that. When Lucas needs her help, Luana’s natural reaction is to do all she can to help her brother – even if that means being Jaxon’s temporary wife.

When Jaxon and Luana first meet they put up no effort to deny their attraction to each other, but neither of them have any plans of being in a real relationship any time soon. After they are forced into their fake relationship Luana’s attraction for Jaxon quickly turns into disdain while Jaxon’s attraction for Luana deepens. Even still, he refuses to allow love or anything else to pull his focus from his campaign.

As they force themselves to show each other love, they begin to realize their true feelings for each other. Neither of the two deny them, but neither of them want to be inconvenienced by love either.

So, by the end of their journey together it becomes a matter of priority. A matter of trust. A matter of vulnerability. A matter of simply saying, “I love you, and I want to be with you.” A simple statement indeed, but for two people who have sworn off love for the time being that statement is buried deep in the recesses of their hearts and minds – having no intentions of erupting. Ever. Even if their newfound love is on the line.

Synopsis –

Luana Berry’s plate is full. Not only is she juggling two jobs and an internship, but she’s doing so while maintaining a 3.8 GPA at the most expensive private school in Memphis, TN. Just a few months away from being the first college graduate in her family, Luana plans to continue her education and become a Lawyer. There’s just one thing standing in the way of her dreams – her brother, Lucas Berry.

Jaxon Jeffries’ plate is full. Not only does he have his own investment firm, but he’s also on the city council and running for mayor. When his parents suggest that he take a wife to soften his image and show his loving, compassionate side to voters, Jaxon is against it – until he saves Lucas Berry in exchange for the chance to have his sister Luana.

With Lucas being the reason Luana had the opportunity to even attend college, she feels obligated to help her brother during his time of need. So much so that when the choice is his freedom or her singleness she agrees to stand by Jaxon’s side as his wife.

Jaxon and Luana have one goal – to prove to the world that they love each other before election day. Neither desire real love, especially from each other, but the more time they spend together the more they realize love is no respecter of persons, time, deals and enemies made, or hearts that intend to be saved.

Prepare to watch these two fight themselves and their feelings 8.1.17 ❤


Allow me to introduce myself :)

Allow me to introduce myself :)

Hey, Beloved!

With my rebrand underway I realized I never really introduced myself. Can I do so now? If you don’t mind, I’d like to meet you back here again Wednesday to introduce you to my next set of characters.

First, B.

Where should I begin?

I started writing at the age of 12. Music. Poetry at 14. Back to music at 16. My first novel at 18. When I first started reading for pleasure it was Urban / street lit. As I grew older I switched to AA romance. The first novel I completed was urban. I would switch from urban to drama over the years. I actually didn’t grow to love writing romance until 25.

My first published series was urban romance in 2015. Since then, I’ve dabbled in numerous genres – urban, urban romance, contemporary romance, Christian romance, drama and nonfiction. I guess I started writing romance because it was what I was missing in my life. It was my way of breathing love into my life through my characters.

Now, that’s the only thing I ever want to write.

Feel good soul snatching romance.

Starting in August I will only be writing contemporary romance with nonfiction novels here and there.

I’ve become fully aware of the power I have through my writing, and I want to be known for spreading love and empowerment to everyone that connects to me through my writing.

August 1st I’m dropping the first novel for my rebrand, and it really feels like my first release all over again. There’s so much weight behind this one because it’s the start of my new identity. My new focus in my writing. My new style of writing. I’ve always been known for my messages of self-love, Godly love, unconditional love… just love 🙂 and womanhood! Those themes will still be in my writing of course, but from this point forward there will be less emphasis on plots and storylines and more emphasis on internal conflict and breakthrough.

Does that mean I’m not going to send you on a whirlwind ride with plots that are unique and creative and storylines that keep you engaged? Not at all. That’s simply not going to be my main focus. My main focus is going to be my characters, their love and their growth.

First up will be Jaxon Jeffries and Luana Berry.

Their book comes out 8.1.17.

Meet me back here Wednesday to get a glimpse into their lives 🙂

Until next time,

Love, B.


People who love themselves CONSISTENTLY set the standard for how people treat them.

People who love themselves CONSISTENTLY set the standard for how people treat them.

I know that I say this a lot, but you set the standard for how people treat you. I know. I know.

But do you really understand the weight of that statement?

Is that something that you are actually listening to and applying to your life? Or is it just an affirmation that makes you feel good after you read my blog but you quickly forget about it soon after?

Let me sip some tea on my own self for this one!

Even with me knowing full well that I set the standard for how people treat me, I still have those moments where I don’t value myself fully, in turn giving others the chance to devalue me. It’s in that moment that I realize the issue isn’t with them; it’s with me.

It’s kind of like this – if I want to find out my weight, I have to get on a scale to find out, right? If there are two scales in front of me, I can only step on one at a time to gauge my weight. If someone is standing directly next to me on a scale I cannot find my weight on their scale. That’s THEIR scale. That’s THEIR weight. MY scale tells me MY weight. MY scale tells me MY worth. MY opinion of MYSELF determines MY value. You will NEVER be able to tell YOUR weight by watching someone else’s scale, just like they will NEVER be able to tell you YOUR worth from THEIR scale.

Beloved, no one on this earth will ever be able to determine your value. You do that. You determine your worth, which in turn sets the standard for how people treat you.

I guess after years of being deemed worth less by other races, our parents, our siblings, other women/men and our spouses… we have a bad habit of not valuing ourselves. Of hating ourselves. Of thinking we are worth less. So we try to add to our value with outside changes and material things, or accolades and monetary success… instead of realizing that our worthiness comes from within.

So here’s the point of this blog. It happened around the time I did my last series. For part one, I made the book .99 cents. Less than a dollar. A fifty thousand word book. Less than a dollar. Really, it was less than .50 cents because of the way Amazon splits royalties, but that’s a whole other topic for another day. I basically set myself up to receive .35 cents per purchase of this book that I’d poured my heart and soul into.

.35 cents, Beloved.

Yea, I placed it on Kindle Unlimited, which allows me to get paid per page read, but that per page read amount is less than a penny!

Why did I do this? Because that’s the standard that was set before I even released my first series almost two years ago.

( This isn’t a complaining post about money so hang in there with me 🙂 )

That’s what was done before me and that’s what readers expect, so that’s what I did. It wasn’t until one of my readers inboxed me and straight up asked me what the heck my book was doing being priced so cheap that I realized I was devaluing my work. It took someone on the outside looking in to remind me that I set the standard not just for how people treat me, but for how people value my work as well.

Sure, you fear rejection when you step away from the norm, but so what? As long as you conform you’re making that treatment okay and acceptable. My books are worth far more than .35 cents. Than .99 cents. And until I set the standard and price them the way they deserved to be priced they will CONTINUE TO LOSE VALUE.

Just like you, Beloved.

People who love themselves set the standard for how people treat them. They know their worth and charge people accordingly to be in their lives. I’ve said it in a book before; there is a price and cost for everything. The cost is what you pay to sell something or be with someone. The price is what someone pays for what you’re offering.

In all things, business, family, relationships, etc. make sure that you don’t lower your value by giving yourself, your love, your talent away freely or cheaper than your worth. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. If they don’t want to follow the standard that you’ve set and give you what you’re worth… leave.

People who love themselves know that they aren’t worthless. They aren’t worth less. They know that they determine their value internally and don’t allow the misconceptions of the world to tell them otherwise.

Do you set the standard, Beloved? Or are you allowing someone else’s scale to determine your worth?

Until next time,

Love, B.


People who love themselves know that it’s okay to love others from a distance.

People who love themselves know that it’s okay to love others from a distance.

I already know that this blog is going to ruffle a few feathers because I’m choosing to discuss a topic that involves a great deal of emotion, love, misconceptions of love, lust and trends.

For a while now, I haven’t watched ANY reality shows. Basketball wives. Love and hip hop. Bad girls club. Does that even still come on? Either way, I haven’t watched any of those shows in a good while. The reason why I haven’t watched those things in a while is that I understand that what women see and hear we internalize as reality. We are adapters. We are compassionate creatures for the most part who not only nurture how we feel, but we try to feel how others feel to show them compassion. We are wired to take how others feel deeply into our souls… as our reality in that moment.

It’s how we connect with people.

When I realized this, I understood how much weight I had as an author. I understood that I was feeding the minds of thousands of people. What was I feeding them? Something healthy and life-giving? Something entertaining, good for their taste but bad for their souls? A mixture of both?

With our thoughts shaping our realities, it’s extremely important to focus more on loving, positive images, things, music, movies, and books… because what you focus on MOST your brain feeds you MOST. If you spend a lot of time focusing on negativity and lying and cheating your brain will think that’s a priority to you. It will take that as your reality. It will zero in on those things, and filter out positive, loving and faithful images.

Don’t believe me? Look it up. Look up the reticular activating system.

Now, does this knowledge mean that I don’t occasionally read ratchet books and listen to trap music and things that I know I shouldn’t be indulging in? Nope! I do! But that’s not what I consistently feed myself hours at a time on a daily basis.

Okay, so what does this have to do with anything, B? – Is that what you’re asking me right now? Well, with me being aware of how important it is to monitor what I GIVE AND TAKE from the world with my writing and the shows I watch and books I read, I also realized the same goes for our relationships.

My ( As in this is my personal opinion, not law, and you don’t have to agree 🙂 ) gripe with reality shows these days is that they glorify a lot of unhealthy and toxic things in relationships. Yes, I know that people like to watch these shows because they are entertaining and relatable, but the problem with consistently seeing women being lied to, cheated on, disrespected, and played is that… for a woman who isn’t aware of the power of what she’s feeding her mind… she can think this is reality. She can find herself in a position in HER reality where SHE’S being lied to and cheated on and think THAT’S OKAY.

Beloved, that’s NEVER okay. If you genuinely want love, marriage, babies and happiness it is NOT OKAY to settle for a man that doesn’t value you enough to be faithful to you. If all you want is a casual fling with no commitment do your thing. But for those of you who have a heart for something more… do not set yourself up like that.

You set the standard for how people treat you. Whether or not they love you. Whether or not they respect you.

Now we get to the point of this blog.

A lot of my exes have been popping up randomly lately. Well, I thought it was random, but I soon realized God is showing me what he has kept me from over the years. He’s preparing me for my husband. My future.

With one of my exes, I KNEW that he was seeing someone else, but I was so DESPERATE for love, affection and attention that I LOWERED my standards and ALLOWED him to disrespect me. I couldn’t play the victim or express my hurt because I knew about her. I knew I wasn’t the only one. He was never going to be faithful to me because I accepted his infidelity. He wasn’t respecting me because I wasn’t respecting myself.

And if I am to be totally honest, I didn’t completely love him. I loved a few things about him. I loved the potential of what I could’ve had with him. I loved the idea of being loved by and loving him. So much so that I stayed with him when I found out about her. And that, beloved, was the worst mistake I could’ve made.

If you give a man the world for free he will never pay for it.

When I put myself in that position of accepting his BS, that was all he cared to ever give me. I knew in my mind that I needed to leave, but my heart caused me to stay. Because of that, my heart is what suffered the most pain. I stayed for months… hurting more and more with each passing day. Experiencing more and more paranoia, mistrust, shame. Finally, I grew so empty that I literally had nothing else to give. He was giving me nothing in return, and I was so freaking drained.

And you know the crazy thing that happened? The second I cut all ties with him and started loving and respecting myself HE came back to ME.

I increased his demand of me by limiting his supply of me.

By this point, though, I was so aware of his lack of love and respect for me that I no longer wanted to be involved with him. Did I love him? Yes. Did I want him? Yes. Was it hard letting him go? Yes. But was I WORTH IT? Heck yes. He came back to me. I regained power over my heat and emotions and he came back to me. But when I remembered my worth and what I deserved I no longer wanted him.

Beloved, it’s okay to want to love and be in relationships and all of that. It’s NEVER wrong to want to be loved. What becomes a problem is how we pursue that love, or who we give that chance to.

I would much rather be single and not date while I wait for the man that’s going to treat me right, than to stay with a man who isn’t for me causing me hurt and disappointment for the sake of having a body next to me. ESPECIALLY if we’re not married, in business together or have children together. Like, what are you keeping yourself tied to this man for, sis? Seriously.

It is always when I let a man go and decide to love him from a distance that I see him for who he really is. By the time he realizes what he had in me and wants to ‘do right by me’ I’m back in my right mind enough to cancel that. All I’m saying is, yes, with brotherly love we MUST give it freely expecting nothing in return. But in relationships, if you give freely without receiving anything but lies, disrespect, cheating, abuse, paranoia and insecurity in exchange that’s not healthy, beloved.

People who love themselves know that they must love themselves first. They know that love from the opposite sex is a gift that should be the overflow of love in their lives… not the only source. They know that they should be their first priority. That their well-being needs to be what drives their relational choices. That it’s okay to love someone from a distance if they aren’t loving them and giving them what they need and deserve. That’s it’s okay to be FRIENDS. To give people time to GROW. Remember, while God was working on Eve, Adam was asleep. If you meet your Adam and awaken him before the both of you are ready you may have some problems that could’ve been avoided had you waited. I’m not saving every man is going to love you perfectly, but you know what you want, need and deserve. No man is going to give that to you if he’s not ready or if you settle for less.

Take account of what you’re giving and receiving in that relationship. Is it really him/her that you love… or the idea of them and love? If you don’t remember anything else I say remember this; you set the standard for how people treat you. If you’re constantly being done wrong it’s time to stop placing the blame on them and look at you. Look at the way you treat you. Look at what you’re accepting and settling for. If they aren’t treating you right… they need to be left.

Until next time,

Love, B.


People who love themselves seek wholeness.

People who love themselves seek wholeness.

Happy self-love Sunday!

Yesterday, I was reminded of something I’ve always known. People who love themselves seek wholeness. They care for their entire well-being – body, mind, soul and spirit. I realized yesterday that I was neglecting my spirit. My oneness with God. That neglect had my ENTIRE being out of whack.

See, what happens is… when you aren’t getting your fill from the Source, you seek to have artificial replacements by other things or people. In reality; nothing will ever satisfy you the way God will. For me, I was empty, and I was trying to satisfy that God sized hole with other things. Mainly, work. 

As a full-time writer it is SO easy to lose myself in my work. There have been days where I write from sun up to sun down. Heck, pre-sun up to sun down.

When I was centered and balanced that was fine. When I was waking up praying and meditating and reading my bible that was fine. When I was having my breakfast and seeing to myself first that was fine. When I was taking the time for food breaks and social breaks to connect with real life humans that was fine. It became an issue when my writing consumed me.

I wasn’t doing it because of my love and passion for writing. For creating. For giving life. I was doing it because it felt like it was all I had. I was doing it because I was trying to fill that void.

I say this all the time, but obviously I let it slip my mind – when you go to man, or substances, or things, or WORK, with God sized needs and expectations you’re going to be disappointed.

The MORE I worked the LESS satisfied I was.

It got to the point where I was disgusted with the entire process. The entire process, fam. Do you know how devastating that was? To be disgusted by my greatest joy and passion? That hurt. That’s enough to make a G like me cry.

I decided to take a break from releasing for the rest of this month to focus on my rebrand. A part of that rebrand includes consistent blogging, one book release a month, AND… (THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART) doing straight up contemporary traditional old school feel good romance. I’m talking Francis Ray, Donna Hill, Brenda Jackson, Beverly Jenkins romance.

Yaaaasssssss, honey!

That’s what I’ll be doing in August!

No more of my rough romance. No more of my urban romance. No more of my crazy love stories. I’m dropping nothing but feel good, soul wrenching ( but just for a little while. I’ll make it feel better 🙂 ), emotional rollercoaster, snatching your breath and edges romance.

Do you hear me?

But before I sat down to write a sentence I had to get my mind right. That’s what happened yesterday. I realized that it wasn’t because I wasn’t satisfied with my writing, or my success, or my platform or any of those things that had me feeling down and empty. It was because I was off balance. I wasn’t centered. I wasn’t seeing to myself. I wasn’t WHOLE.

Beloved, your girl was BREAKING. CHIPPING. CRACKING. My cup no longer runneth over! My love and wisdom and conviction and passion and purpose was seeping through.

I was trying to use my work and writing to fill the voids of not seeing to myself and my relationship with God like I should. I ached for something… for Him… and nothing could satisfy me. So, with that realization I was IMMEDIATELY filled with peace. My Potter began to reshape me. His clay. The holes along my soul were sealed to allow me to hold in all of His love for me. All of His wisdom and creativity that he decides to share with me.

And you know what that led to? Peace. Happiness. Wholeness. Loving what I do again. Wanting to do what I do again.

That’s wholeness. Taking care of YOU. Every part of you. Not seeking without what must be found within.

Are you whole? Are you on a journey of daily wholeness? Are you seeing to your needs? ALL of your needs? Mind, body, soul and spirit? Are you eating right? Exercising? Taking time to relax and get your mind right? You got those goals and dreams and visions? What about your soul? Who are you loving on and communing with on earth? Family? Friends? Spouse? Kids? Dogs? What about your spirit? Are you allowing God to love on you and be loved by you? What about your finances? You taking care of business?

People who love themselves seek wholeness. They don’t neglect one part of their life for another. They understand that in order for one area to flourish abundantly so must the others.

I say all the time that I don’t want to be rich; I want to be wealthy. Well, I don’t want just my finances to prosper; I want EVERY area of my life to prosper. That’s the key. That’s wholeness.

Are you whole?



This… is a good goodbye.

This… is a good goodbye.

Today is bittersweet. Usually, more bitter than sweet. Today, more sweet than bitter. Today, I released a book. A finale to a series. It wasn’t just a finale to a series; it was a finale to B. Love, Master storyteller who specializes in African American romance and urban love stories.

Now before you go to panicking let me remind you that although this was a good thing coming to an end it is also the dawn of a new era.

See, I’ve come to the conclusion that… if you don’t exercise your freedom and independence it’s almost as if you don’t have them. I’m coming up on year two of being a published author, and there were still a lot of things that I was doing that I didn’t want to, and a lot of things that I wasn’t doing that I wanted to because of my attempt to fit into genres and lanes that weren’t created for me.

It doesn’t matter how much you try to conform and fit into something… if you don’t fit… you won’t fit. I, like a lot of creatives, were created to stand out. One of the most detrimental things you can do as a creative is stifle your creativity because of genres, platforms, or fear of not being understood or accepted.

I wasn’t choosing to do these things. I just… was. You’re given a formula for success and you stick to it, right?

Not anymore.

Come August, I’m defining my own formula for success. All I can say right now is that B. Love 2.0 is on a whole other level compared to B. Love, Master storyteller who specializes in African American romance and urban love stories. I have SO much up my sleeve, and I cannot wait to share them with you all!

Until then,

We say goodbye to I’ll Give You Mine. Read and enjoy!



I’ll Give You Mine Link

Synopsis –

“My parents raised me to be a King. It’s not their fault I turned out to be a hoodlum.” – Giovanni “Grim” Re

For Grim, even his name spoke of the constant battle that warred within him on a daily basis. His government name, Giovanni Re, was chosen specifically by his father. He wanted Grim’s first name to remind him that he was favored by God while his last name meant King. His nickname, Grim, stemmed from his past of being somewhat of a grim reaper towards his enemies. For a great deal of his life, Grim struggled with his good heart and evil mind, unsure of if he’d ever have a peaceful relief… until Havana.

Havana Brooks has always been soft spoken and quiet natured. In her relationships that led to her being taken advantage of. In her career that led to her music being shelved while she watched her label mates gain the stardom she dreamed of having. There was a good thing about being so nice and sweet, though. It allowed her to be peace for Grim.

As friends, Havana settles Grim and he builds her up. She nurtures him while he gives her a voice. He strengthens her while she weakens him. For those around them, Grim and Havana are a match made in heaven, but these two will have to go through hell to be with each other.

*I’ll Give You Mine is the spinoff for If You Give Me Yours. Although both stories can be read as standalones, it is recommended that you read If You Give Me Yours First. This book does contain explicit language and an urban setting. If either of these things go against your personal preference, please skip this book on your journey for literary entertainment.*

Final seek peek of I’ll Give You Mine!

Final seek peek of I’ll Give You Mine!

Hey, Beloveds!

I’ll Give You Mine drops tomorrow! I hope you’re as excited to read this book as I have been during the entire writing process! Here’s a glance into Grim’s character before you meet him again tomorrow!



She had a way of pulling feelings and desires out of me that no other woman could. And it didn’t matter who I tried to let attempt to satisfy those feelings, none of them were ever successful. It was like settling for an artificial copy of something because you didn’t deserve… because you couldn’t afford… the real thing.

Havana Brooks was the real thing.

She was beautiful.





Sassy when she wanted to be.

And don’t even get me started on that voice or the way she could tell stories through her poetry.

But there was something that was holding her back. Something that had her extremely insecure and unable to fully grasp the greatness that was her. In all of the time that I’d known her she’d never shared with me what it was. All I could do was pray it didn’t have to do with some sorry excuse of a man causing her to devalue herself. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case, though.

I went to school with one of her cousins, and from what he told me Havana used to be a wild card. Super cocky and willing to flip on anybody for anything. He even told me a story about Havana helping him fight when a few guys tried to jump him.

That was the Havana I needed to come forth. Not to fight physically, but to fight with her talent and hustle to reach the heights she wanted to reach with her music. The one that was fully aware of her greatness and refused to ever let her head hang and crown fall.

I was unsure of what it would take to get her back to that, but I was willing to try.

After grabbing my phone out of the glove compartment I called one of my regulars to see what time I could slide through tonight, then called Havana to give her an update. Thankfully she was at her apartment instead of the shop. She promised me that she wouldn’t give up on herself again, and I promised to hold her to it. I didn’t go into full detail about what I was going to have to do to get her masters just yet because I didn’t want to hear her mouth. I only told her that it would be about a six week wait.

“That’s cool. I’m ready to work,” she assured me.

“Is that so?”

“Yep. I said I would remove myself from the table until my hunger returned. It’s back. I think I’m hungrier than I’ve ever been right now.”

With a proud smile, I remained silent for a few seconds to let her proclamation sink in.

“What brought about this change? I was just with you and you were acting like all your hope was gone.”

She laughed quietly, making my smile grow wider.

“I just figure… if you’re willing to go through all of this for me I must be worth something. I want to make you proud.”

The weight of her words had my smile falling. Yea, I knew Havana had feelings for me, but it made things a lot easier for me to ignore that. She wasn’t the type of woman to openly say it to me, and that made it easy for me to do whatever I wanted with no concern.

It was times like this when she would say or do simple s* that showed me how deep our bond was and how much we really meant to each other. It didn’t matter how much I tried to deny my love for this girl, Havana had my heart. If only she could understand that was the reason I dealt with other women in such a heartless manner.

It belonged to her.

I refused to give it to anyone else.

There was no doubt in my mind that I would spend the rest of my days living heartless because I could never have her on the level that I want to if it means protecting her heart. Even in my younger days I wasn’t any good at this love and relationship thing. I couldn’t let Havana be another casualty.

No matter how much I wanted her.

She may not have thought I had feelings for her or that she didn’t have access to my heart, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. All I could do was hope that my effort to protect her heart from the damage being with me could inflict was enough to show her one day that the day I met her… I gave her mine.


Until then,

B. Love