Monday Muse – Keeping Willow

Monday Muse – Keeping Willow

I waited for this story. Like, I ached for Devin and Willow. Why? Because Jacinta Howard is one of the few authors that make me feel. Me. Do you know how hard it is to make me feel? I spend hours a day every day writing books full time to make others feel. I’ve become numb in a sense as a reader because of the level in which I write. But there are some authors and some books that make me feel. That take me in. That allow me to read and just… enjoy a brief moment in this fantasy world without it being my work.

EVERY book that I’ve read by Jacinta Howard has offered me that escape. NO young contemporary African American romance author is on that level. Yes, there are some that can get me every once in a while, but the ONLY authors that have had that kind of power are the old school heavy hitters like Francis Ray, Donna Hill, Brenda Jackson and Beverly Jenkins.

Jacinta Howard is on that level, honey. Easily.

Keeping Willow left me empty and drained yet full. Light, but she took me so deep. It was an emotional push and pull that was like torture that soothed my soul. I think it hit me as much as it did because I just completed a book, ‘Just Say You Love Me’ and it was different for me in the sense that the main lead, Luana, had to experience self-love and growth before she could truly appreciate and accept love from the main male lead, Jaxon. I was so fearful of how my readers would react to Luana because of her issues, but here comes Jacinta – giving me Willow.

Sweet, precious Willow.

Willow was a woman who needed to experience self-growth, love, acceptance and appreciation before she could accept any of those things FULLY from Devin. She needed to be satisfied with herself and her life, and that tugged at my heart something serious. It was… calming… to read a story that was kind of like… confirmation that this new route I was taking was the right one.

Jacinta doesn’t just write good romance and love stories. She’s gives you the real. The ugly. That… perfect balance of perfect love shared between imperfect beings. I cannot wait for this book to be available as a paperback so I can add the entire Prototype series to my collection. Yes, there’s two other books for you to indulge in before getting to this one – ‘Happiness in Jersey’ and ‘Finding Kennedy’.

I give ‘Keeping Willow’ an extremely strong 5 stars. My review has already been left. Click here to head over to Amazon and read it for yourself today!



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