Monday Muse review – If Only for the Summer

Monday Muse review – If Only for the Summer

Very rarely do I run across a book that makes me laugh and smile consistently throughout. As an author who usually pens deep, emotional novels, I find relief in novels that give me the opposite. A novel that makes me feel good. And light. And happy. And it’s even better when that novel discusses real issues, conflicts and insecurities as well.

Alexandra Warren’s ‘If Only for the Summer’ does just that!

From the moment her main characters are near each other you feel the sparks fly! And the addition of Guy’s baby boy Jaxon gives a level of cuteness that made my heart flutter. I thoroughly enjoyed Guy’s blatant expression of his desire for Nova. It was refreshing to read about a man who didn’t play games and waste time.

I rate books on a 5 point scale, and you can find that scale on my page titled – I read too! – because I’m simply too lazy right now to go and copy and paste, lol. 🙂

‘If Only for the Summer’ gets a strong 5 stars from me. I’ve already left my review on Amazon. I suggest you head over to read and do the same!

If Only for the Summer



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