Quickie – Just Say You Love Me

Quickie – Just Say You Love Me

Hey, Beloved!

Here’s an unedited sneak peek into my release for 8.1.17 – Just Say You Love Me

“I don’t know how to say this, son, but it’s not looking good,” Governor Jacob Jeffries confessed.

“They say you’re selfish, hard, uncaring, and passionless,” his wife, Judge Faith Jeffries, agreed.

“Not everyone,” Jacob clarified, “You’re doing really well with our people and other minorities, but if you want to secure the votes of Caucasians, Asians, Japanese…”

“You have to show them that you care about them too,” Faith added, stopping her husband’s rambling, “That you care about the things they care about too. That you value what they value too. We understand your commitment to blacks, but you won’t become Mayor off our votes alone. The election is less than a year away. We have to change your image and secure at minimum another twenty thousand potential voters.”

Jaxon Jeffries sat back in his seat and groaned silently. If he would’ve known this was what his parents wanted to talk about he never would’ve agreed to lunch. Yes, Jaxon was fully aware of his success in the black community and the lack of commitment and belief he was facing with other races, but he didn’t care about that. From the moment he announced his plan to run for Mayor, Jaxon made it perfectly clear that his purpose was to serve his people. In his eyes, they had been ignored and neglected for so long – it was time that changed; with him.

“Three years ago, when I announced my plans to run for Mayor after Truman was elected, I made it perfectly clear that my people were my priority,” Jaxon reminded his parents.

“We understand, but you will not be able to serve your people if you lose,” Jacob countered.

That was true.

There was no way he could serve the African Americans in his community as their Mayor if he wasn’t elected. There was only so much he could do in position one of their city’s council. And he also made it his business to help entrepreneurs with his investment firm. Jaxon needed, however, to be placed into a higher position of power. With his father as Governor and his mother a highly respected Judge, they had the influence to bring great change to their city. Now it was Jaxon’s turn to take on what their hands were too full to carry.

“I hear you,” Jaxon agreed unwillingly, sitting up in his seat and looking over the menu. He didn’t plan on having a drink this early in the afternoon, but now he was sure he would need one to get through this constructive conversation, “I’m sure the both of you have a way to make this right. Have you spoken to Kingston?” Jaxon asked, referring to his campaign manager and one of his father’s closest friends.

“No, Jaxon. For this, we need to speak with you.”

Jaxon’s eyes met his mothers. Her voice was soft and low which meant she knew he wasn’t going to willingly agree to what they had to say.

“Let me get a drink first,” Jaxon requested, sinking back down into his seat.

His parents began to talk amongst themselves, and Jaxon completely tuned them out as he looked across the dimly lit restaurant for their waitress. He couldn’t help but have his spirit dampened by the sight of all the smiling faces involved in what looked to be happy conversations. Jaxon couldn’t recall the last time he smiled and laughed with his parents or anyone else for that matter. The past six months of his life had been filled with nothing but work. His mayoral run. Position on the city council. Investment firm. All of his boards and committee engagements and meetings.

When did happiness and love and joy become things he had to schedule in?

Things he knowingly neglected to take part in?

Finally, his eyes spotted their waitress, but before he could try to get her attention to change his drink order, Jaxon’s attention was drawn to the waitress standing next to her.

It was her smile… like a literal beam of sparkle radiating from her face to the other waitress – getting a reaction out of Jaxon that he didn’t know was possible. Honey brown skin covered a tall, toned frame. A tall, toned, curvy frame. One with enchanting thighs, inviting hips, a flat stomach made for the tips of his fingers and perky breasts. Even her eyes smiled in their darkness. They were covered by long and curly eyelashes that made an already beautiful pair of almond eyes even more captivating. Her hair hung to her shoulders in big, playful curls that framed her heart shaped face perfectly, but it was that smile.

That smile held rays of sunshine on her face.

That smile was the best looking curve on her shapely body.

A tray covered with drinks was placed on top of the bar, and their waitress picked it up. When she did, she began to walk towards their table while the beauty headed in the opposite direction. Jaxon watched the beauty until he couldn’t see her anymore.

“Alright, guys,” their waitress spoke, sitting their drinks on the table one by one, “Are you ready to order appetizers or lunch or do you need a few more minutes?”

“I want her,” Jaxon blurted, gaining stares from his parents and the waitress, “The woman you were talking to; I want her to be our waitress.”

Their full story will be available 8.1.17, but it’s available for preorder here now. Thanks for meeting me here.

Until next time,

Love, B.



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