This… is a good goodbye.

This… is a good goodbye.

Today is bittersweet. Usually, more bitter than sweet. Today, more sweet than bitter. Today, I released a book. A finale to a series. It wasn’t just a finale to a series; it was a finale to B. Love, Master storyteller who specializes in African American romance and urban love stories.

Now before you go to panicking let me remind you that although this was a good thing coming to an end it is also the dawn of a new era.

See, I’ve come to the conclusion that… if you don’t exercise your freedom and independence it’s almost as if you don’t have them. I’m coming up on year two of being a published author, and there were still a lot of things that I was doing that I didn’t want to, and a lot of things that I wasn’t doing that I wanted to because of my attempt to fit into genres and lanes that weren’t created for me.

It doesn’t matter how much you try to conform and fit into something… if you don’t fit… you won’t fit. I, like a lot of creatives, were created to stand out. One of the most detrimental things you can do as a creative is stifle your creativity because of genres, platforms, or fear of not being understood or accepted.

I wasn’t choosing to do these things. I just… was. You’re given a formula for success and you stick to it, right?

Not anymore.

Come August, I’m defining my own formula for success. All I can say right now is that B. Love 2.0 is on a whole other level compared to B. Love, Master storyteller who specializes in African American romance and urban love stories. I have SO much up my sleeve, and I cannot wait to share them with you all!

Until then,

We say goodbye to I’ll Give You Mine. Read and enjoy!



I’ll Give You Mine Link

Synopsis –

“My parents raised me to be a King. It’s not their fault I turned out to be a hoodlum.” – Giovanni “Grim” Re

For Grim, even his name spoke of the constant battle that warred within him on a daily basis. His government name, Giovanni Re, was chosen specifically by his father. He wanted Grim’s first name to remind him that he was favored by God while his last name meant King. His nickname, Grim, stemmed from his past of being somewhat of a grim reaper towards his enemies. For a great deal of his life, Grim struggled with his good heart and evil mind, unsure of if he’d ever have a peaceful relief… until Havana.

Havana Brooks has always been soft spoken and quiet natured. In her relationships that led to her being taken advantage of. In her career that led to her music being shelved while she watched her label mates gain the stardom she dreamed of having. There was a good thing about being so nice and sweet, though. It allowed her to be peace for Grim.

As friends, Havana settles Grim and he builds her up. She nurtures him while he gives her a voice. He strengthens her while she weakens him. For those around them, Grim and Havana are a match made in heaven, but these two will have to go through hell to be with each other.

*I’ll Give You Mine is the spinoff for If You Give Me Yours. Although both stories can be read as standalones, it is recommended that you read If You Give Me Yours First. This book does contain explicit language and an urban setting. If either of these things go against your personal preference, please skip this book on your journey for literary entertainment.*


6 thoughts on “This… is a good goodbye.

  1. I’m excited for your new journey. There is nothing wrong with branching out and exploring new ideas. I am one to believe that an author should not limit him or herself to one genre. Spread your wings and fly, I will support you.


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