Final seek peek of I’ll Give You Mine!

Final seek peek of I’ll Give You Mine!

Hey, Beloveds!

I’ll Give You Mine drops tomorrow! I hope you’re as excited to read this book as I have been during the entire writing process! Here’s a glance into Grim’s character before you meet him again tomorrow!



She had a way of pulling feelings and desires out of me that no other woman could. And it didn’t matter who I tried to let attempt to satisfy those feelings, none of them were ever successful. It was like settling for an artificial copy of something because you didn’t deserve… because you couldn’t afford… the real thing.

Havana Brooks was the real thing.

She was beautiful.





Sassy when she wanted to be.

And don’t even get me started on that voice or the way she could tell stories through her poetry.

But there was something that was holding her back. Something that had her extremely insecure and unable to fully grasp the greatness that was her. In all of the time that I’d known her she’d never shared with me what it was. All I could do was pray it didn’t have to do with some sorry excuse of a man causing her to devalue herself. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case, though.

I went to school with one of her cousins, and from what he told me Havana used to be a wild card. Super cocky and willing to flip on anybody for anything. He even told me a story about Havana helping him fight when a few guys tried to jump him.

That was the Havana I needed to come forth. Not to fight physically, but to fight with her talent and hustle to reach the heights she wanted to reach with her music. The one that was fully aware of her greatness and refused to ever let her head hang and crown fall.

I was unsure of what it would take to get her back to that, but I was willing to try.

After grabbing my phone out of the glove compartment I called one of my regulars to see what time I could slide through tonight, then called Havana to give her an update. Thankfully she was at her apartment instead of the shop. She promised me that she wouldn’t give up on herself again, and I promised to hold her to it. I didn’t go into full detail about what I was going to have to do to get her masters just yet because I didn’t want to hear her mouth. I only told her that it would be about a six week wait.

“That’s cool. I’m ready to work,” she assured me.

“Is that so?”

“Yep. I said I would remove myself from the table until my hunger returned. It’s back. I think I’m hungrier than I’ve ever been right now.”

With a proud smile, I remained silent for a few seconds to let her proclamation sink in.

“What brought about this change? I was just with you and you were acting like all your hope was gone.”

She laughed quietly, making my smile grow wider.

“I just figure… if you’re willing to go through all of this for me I must be worth something. I want to make you proud.”

The weight of her words had my smile falling. Yea, I knew Havana had feelings for me, but it made things a lot easier for me to ignore that. She wasn’t the type of woman to openly say it to me, and that made it easy for me to do whatever I wanted with no concern.

It was times like this when she would say or do simple s* that showed me how deep our bond was and how much we really meant to each other. It didn’t matter how much I tried to deny my love for this girl, Havana had my heart. If only she could understand that was the reason I dealt with other women in such a heartless manner.

It belonged to her.

I refused to give it to anyone else.

There was no doubt in my mind that I would spend the rest of my days living heartless because I could never have her on the level that I want to if it means protecting her heart. Even in my younger days I wasn’t any good at this love and relationship thing. I couldn’t let Havana be another casualty.

No matter how much I wanted her.

She may not have thought I had feelings for her or that she didn’t have access to my heart, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. All I could do was hope that my effort to protect her heart from the damage being with me could inflict was enough to show her one day that the day I met her… I gave her mine.


Until then,

B. Love


2 thoughts on “Final seek peek of I’ll Give You Mine!

  1. B, you truly are in a league of your own! I don’t often comment, but I read EVERYTHING on your blog and the Facebook group! I know that this will be another amazing book! Hopefully, Grim gets it together and let’s Havana in.. it would be great if he’s the one that marries her.


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