I’ll Give You Mine – First chapter sneak peek

I’ll Give You Mine – First chapter sneak peek

Hey, Beloveds!

Wednesday, July 5th, I’m releasing the highly anticipated finale of If You Give Me Yours! Here’s a look into the first chapter!



My tears started to fall as I chuckled and shook my head in disbelief. How did my life get to this? Lord knows I was tired of fighting. Tired of trying to prove my place in this industry. Tired of being taken for granted. Taken advantage of. Maybe Silas was right. Maybe I didn’t have the power and presence.

“Nothing,” I mumbled, standing and grabbing my notebook and purse, “I’m leaving. I give up.”

“Give up? What are you talking about? Talk to me, Havana,” Grim pleaded, voice softening.

Wall tried to grab my arm to escort me out but I jerked it away from him.

“Silas canceled my contract. I’m no longer on the roster for M-Town Sounds.”


“Yep. He said something about returning to drugs and wanting M-Town Sounds to be known solely for gangster music, so he no longer has a use for me.”

I found myself rolling my eyes and chuckling again as I got onto the elevator.

“Okay. Okay. Cool. This is cool. We can work with this…”

“No, Giovanni,” I massaged my temples and inhaled deeply before adding, “I’m tired. Maybe I’m not built for this. I’m over it.”

“Don’t start with that, Havana. You’re not stopping. You haven’t even started.”

“That’s the point!” I yelled a lot louder than I wanted to, kicking the wall of the elevator, “I’ve been at this for how long? And I don’t even have a name for myself. I’m done, Grim. This ain’t for me. I’m done.”

“Miss me with all that, pretty girl. I need you to sit tight until I get back to Memphis. Go to my place. You got your key, right?”

The elevator opened, and I slowly made my way to my car.

“Yea, but I think I’m about to go see my folks. Might spend the night there.”

“That’ll work. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Grim, no, don’t…”

“I will see you tomorrow, Havana. In the meantime, stay out of trouble. If something happened to you and I wasn’t there it would haunt me. Lay low until I get there, aight?”


A few seconds passed before Grim asked, “You know I got you… right?”

“I know, Giovanni.”

“Stop calling me by my government. How many times I gotta tell you that?”

That made me smile for the first time since this morning. Since I woke up to his FaceTime request.

“How many times do I have to tell you it don’t matter how many times you tell me that? I like your name.”

“You smiling?”

Even harder now.

“Yes,” I answered, a lot softer than I intended to.

“That’s my girl. Let me know when you make it to your folks house.”


He disconnected the call and I returned to my lonely. I wasn’t his girl. No matter how much I wanted to be. I couldn’t even deal with that right now, though. I had to deal with the fact that my contract and career was now over.

Hope you’re ready for the rest! See ya next week!

B. Love



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