If you give me yours – sneak peek!

If you give me yours – sneak peek!

I can’t wait for my next release to go live on Amazon Wednesday, 6/14/17. Until then, here’s a sneak peek of “If you give me yours” enjoy!

The bathroom was the only place I could get any privacy. So here I was… sitting on the toilet. Rocking. Back and forth. Side to side. In circles. Face of stone. Heart of Jello. Of mush. Shaking and palpitating like I hadn’t done this before.

I’d done this before.

Lots of times.

But this time was different.

This was the final round of the M-Town Sounds record contract competition. I’d been blessed to make it through the first two rounds effortlessly. The first round I won via judges’ votes. The second round I won via crowd applause. This final round the judges would decide the woman that would be the newest member on the M-Town Sounds roster.

M-Town Sounds was not only the largest and most successful record label in Memphis and down south, but it was up there with the likes of Def Jam, Interscope, and Roc-A-Fella and what not. Yea, it was like a hood version of Def Jam.

A trembling hand pulled my phone out of my pocket. After sending a FaceTime request to my younger sister, Michelle, I inhaled deeply and tried to gather myself mentally and emotionally. If anyone could calm my nerves it was my family, but I didn’t want them to know I was so nervous I was considering backing out. This moment… this performance… these four minutes on the stage… they could not only change my life, but theirs as well. For years I’d carried the weight of my family on my shoulder, so I should be happy, right?

Michelle answered the FaceTime request and our brother, Pierre, was sitting next to her as usual. Just the sight of them together had me smiling and feeling more at ease.

“Maze!” they spoke simultaneously.

“What’s up, babes? What y’all doing?”

“Watching the competition on Facebook Live. They said you’re next. Where you at?” Pierre pried.

“In the bathroom. I just needed to see you guys before I went out.”

“You wanna talk to daddy?” Michelle asked.

I nodded and lowered my head. Pulling air deeply into my lungs slowed my thoughts down enough to keep them from overwhelming me. Why was I so nervous? I’d been writing music since twelve and performing since sixteen. This should be nothing to me. Whether I win or lose, Maze was a household name in hoods all across the world. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration, but I’ve done pretty well for myself. There was just… the matter of getting paid that had been an issue for me.

All of my money went to studio time, promoting and marketing, renting out venues and paying for DJ’s and stuff. This deal with M-Town Sounds would change that, though. That weight would be off me and on Silas, the labels creator and manager.

“You got this, Maze. Don’t trip. You’re a beast, big sis. God blessed you with this gift… and now… it’s finally making room for you,” Michelle assured me.

“Go out there and give them that Memphis and Chiraq swag that only you possess, Maze. It’s already won. This is just a formality. It’s yours, baby,” Pierre added.

I blew them both kisses and patted my chest softly.

“Thanks, babes. I love y’all.”

“We love you too.”

Michelle put the phone in front of our father and I swear the sight of his face… his condition… made me mad at myself.

Wednesday, you’ll be able to find out why Maze was mad!

Until next time,

Love, B.



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