The Ashes: The Medina Sisters’ Story is now available on Amazon!

The Ashes: The Medina Sisters’ Story is now available on Amazon!

My magnum opus… my longest novel… my best work… is now available on Amazon!

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Synopsis –

Oscar and Selena Medina gave birth to four beautiful baby girls – Fury, Blaze, Arsen, and Red. Because of Oscar’s business, the girls grew up close and tough. As time progressed, the girls grew into women and their bond wavered. When Oscar goes missing the sisters reunite, and their already fragile bond completely unravels or ties into an infinity knot that not even death can pull loose.
As the oldest sister and leader, Fury has taken on the burden of finding their father. Her biggest adversary? Her mother. It seems strange to Fury that Selena so quickly and willingly gives up the search for her father, but she has a bigger battle to face – her heart. Her past. Her rekindled feelings for her childhood best friend and first love – Wade Lamar.
Blaze couldn’t care less either way about her father returning home alive. In her mind, all of her family let her down when she needed them most. Now that they need her, Blaze has no desire to help them find Oscar or grieve for him in his absence. All she cares about is herself and her business; until she meets Maddox Reyes.
Although Arsen isn’t the youngest of the sisters, she looks and acts the part. Her quiet and distant innocence has driven an even bigger wedge between her and her sisters. As if dealing with the disappearance of her father isn’t enough, Arsen has gotten herself into a bit of a sticky situation with her best friend, Morgan. She’s so embarrassed that she can’t even go to her big sisters for help. To her benefit, that help comes from Knox Hearst.
As the baby of the family, Red is used to being spoiled, coddled, and getting anything she wants. When she leaves for college and gets her first taste of independence she finds herself stressed beyond measure. Between trying to master five classes and work two jobs, Red is right at the brink of a meltdown that her family knows nothing about – until Nicholas Black comes to her aid with an offer she can’t refuse.
In The Ashes, these sisters are dealing with not only their own personal demons and issues, but they are also dealing with their father missing, secrets coming to the surface, and betrayal from those they least expected. At the end of their weary days all they have is each other… but with so much tension and distance between them… will that be enough?
The Ashes: The Medina Sisters’ Story is a 147,000-word novel with explicit language and some instances of instalove or love at first sight. If either of these aren’t your preference please skip The Ashes as an option for your reading pleasure.

Sneak peek –

“This,” Selena’s cracked voice whispered into the microphone. She clutched the black Guess glasses case tighter in her hands while her eyes closed, “This is heavier than any casket since this is all that I have left of my husband.”

Fury’s eyes lowered to the case in her mother’s hands.

“I knew that this was Smokey’s because of the red strip of paint on the side,” her quivering lips smiled as tears flooded and fled her eyes, “And this is all that was found here outside of his car when Smokey went missing. It’s been six weeks… the hardest six weeks of me and my daughters’ lives. We don’t want to give up on Smokey, but I decided to have this memorial because we need to heal. We need to be at peace. We need to let him go and continue to live.”

“This is some bullshit,” Fury mumbled under her breath.

She stood and walked briskly out of the room. Fury hadn’t even made it outside good before she was pulling her marijuana filled blunt from out of her purse along with her lighter. Trembling fingers and nerves made it difficult for her to light the blunt, but her trembling wasn’t from sadness like her mothers was over her father’s disappearance. Her trembling came from anger. Anger at the fact that her mother had called off the search for her father, Oscar, and was accepting the fact that he was dead without having any proof. Fury was the only person that believed Oscar was still alive somewhere, and the weight of having to search for her father on her own was beginning to slowly take a toll on her.

After flicking the metal spark wheel of her lighter for the third time and not being able to catch a flame, Fury cursed under her breath again as she lifted her arm in preparation to throw the lighter. An arm circled around her. Its hand, bigger and a tad darker than hers, covered Fury’s hand and kept her from throwing the lighter. The hand tightened its grip around hers, and even though she couldn’t see his face she knew who the hand belonged to.

Fury could never forget that hand.

She would never forget the long scar on the palm of it.

Or his long fingers.

Or his chewed nails.

Or his smooth skin.

She may not have seen or felt those hands in twelve years, but she’d never forgotten them.

Or how he got that scar in the first place.

If Fury was the typical emotional woman or one of her sister’s tears might’ve escaped her, but they wouldn’t. Not in front of him anyway.

Her exhale came out hard and loud as Wade lifted his hand and took the lighter from hers. Fury put the blunt between her lips and closed her eyes as Wade walked around her. She wasn’t ready to see his face yet. Not the face of the only man she’d ever wanted and had never been able to have. The only man who’d ever broken her heart and rejected all she had to offer. Okay, so she was only fourteen when he left so she didn’t really have much to offer, but her love should’ve been enough.

Wade effortlessly sparked a fire and lit Fury’s blunt. She puffed it twice before removing it from her lips and opening her eyes.

This wasn’t the eighteen-year-old scrawny young man that left her years ago. This was a tall, muscular, fully grown man. Wade’s syrup brown skin had Fury wondering if it tasted as sweet as its rich smooth color looked. His square face and strong jaw made him look manly. The short box beard made him look rugged. But his high cheek bones, oval tight eyes, and round brown lips made him look beautiful.

“I figured you wanted to be alone,” Wade started, causing Fury’s eyes to clamp shut. His gruff voice had deepened over the years, “But I just… wanted to check on you, Pikachu.”

She couldn’t resist chuckling as her eyes opened. Fury hadn’t heard that nickname in years, and although hearing it now made her heart skip a beat, it also made it churn.

“I’m fine,” startled by the hoarse sound of her own voice, Fury cleared her throat before continuing. She hadn’t spoken to anyone, including herself, in the past three days that she’d been locked inside of her condo, “What are you doing here, Wade?”

“Paying my…”

“He’s not dead. Missing… yes, but Smokey isn’t dead.”

Wade nodded and placed his hands inside of his pockets as Fury took another pull of her blunt.

“Thought I made you promise me you’d quit smoking when I left?”

“Thought I made you promise to keep in touch when you left?”

The hint of a smile that had been on the corners of Wade’s mouth fell. His shoulders caved. Eyes lowered.

Hope you read and enjoy!

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