I hate success!

I hate success!

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit misleading.

I hate the word success.

To be even more specific, I hate the commonly known definitions of success.

Yea, that’s what I hate.

I hate the commonly known definitions of success. I hate what people think success constitutes. I hate what people seek for success, only to be disappointed because that’s not real success. Not the kind that truly fulfills you anyway.

The first four definitions of success that pop up are –

The accomplishment of an aim or purpose (I rocks with this one. This is actually my favorite.)

The attainment of popularity or profit (Meh.)

A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity (I can get jiggy with this one.)

The attainment of wealth, respect, and fame. (Most widely accepted definition.)


That last one is the one that I REALLY don’t like, only because it suggests that success can only come from those three things. So, if this definition is the one you grew up believing, unless you attain wealth, respect, and fame you won’t consider yourself to be successful.

That’s so uncool.

This is why it’s SO important to create your OWN definition of success. NEVER measure your life to someone else’s. Create your OWN lane. Creatives don’t fit into lanes and boxes. When we try it makes us insecure, it drains us and makes us want to stop, or it makes us envious and jealous of others who are mastering those lanes.

The key isn’t in conforming. The key is in creating your own definition of success and your own lane to achieve it in!!

I think I’m on like book 37 or 38 at this point in my literary career. I can always tell when my perspective is shifting in a way that it shouldn’t. Anytime I start looking at the charts in comparison of how my books are doing to others I have to quickly remind myself of my lane and my definition of success. By doing this, I’m able to appreciate my success and be grateful, be content in the amazing place I’m in, but also set goals and make plans to demolish where I am now and level up!

That seems like a pretty fair balance… contentment and demolishment.

Well, I just hit a mini milestone with my latest project. It will be my biggest one to date at 160K, and I hit 40K today. My prize for hitting this mark was a morning free of work. Which was actually torture since I love to write. But I also understand the importance of rest. Anyway, I guess I’m about to head to Starbucks and get a syrupy caffeinated beverage to get me through the next few hours.

Until next time…

Creative, create your own definition of success and your own lane to achieve it in!

P.S. There’s a really dope article over at LifeHack where the author listed 20 definitions of success that I’m all the way here for. Here’s the link to check them out. success


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