27 candles

27 candles

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 27. Closer to 30 than 20. Wow.

I always had this plan for my life. Well, I guess it wasn’t really a plan because I wasn’t really putting it to work to achieve it, but I had a vision of how I figured my life would pan out.

I thought I would graduate college at 22, be married with at least one child by 25, and be working a fun and profitable job by 28. I’ve always dreamed of being a fulltime writer, but in all honesty, that wasn’t something that I thought would actually happen. Like, I grew up on paperbacks. I would spend hours at the library reading just to check out another twenty books. I would spend hours at the mall in the bookstore reading the books I couldn’t afford to buy… just to come back that weekend after getting my allowance.

When I dreamed of becoming a fulltime writer, I saw myself writing under this big publisher, with paperbacks in stores and libraries, hitting the New York Times bestseller list. I saw myself going on book tours and having signings and meetings with book clubs.

That’s what it was about to me.

Then, I learned of the eBook world and that dream was history lol.

So, the day before my 27th birthday I find myself waking up in quite a humorous mood. I took inventory of where I thought I’d be at this point. I dropped out of college – no degree. I’m probably the most awkward girl in life who has no social life – no husband. And children honestly scare me a little. Well, only the really little ones. And the ones who can’t talk and tell you what they need – no children.

What’s crazy is the thing I didn’t think would happen is what actually happened! The thing that I thought was unrealistic or not a possibility for me is what I have. My fulltime writing career. Yes, I wanted this, but… I NEVER thought I’d actually make it to this point.

I never thought I’d be writing fulltime. Getting paid to do what I love. Touching the lives of my readers with my words. Using my platform to not only entertain but inspire. Nope. Can’t believe it.

But what I noticed was that it was that impossible dream that I worked towards and put effort into. Can’t get that degree if you don’t reenroll. How you gon have a husband if you don’t get out and date, girl? And uh… you know what it takes to make a baby. I ain’t been doing none of that! Pahahaha. But what I have been doing is writing.

A lot.

And believing in my writing.

And putting my writing out for the world to see.

I guess I’m learning the day before my birthday that nothing is impossible as long as you believe and work for it. I may not have the life I saw myself having when I was 18, but the life that I do have… it’s pretty freaking dope.

What about you?

Are you living the life you want or just going through the motions accepting what’s offered to you? Are you working towards your dreams and desires or just settling? Are you really living… or just existing?

I’ll get those things. The degree. The husband. The children.

I’ll work towards those things just like I worked towards my dream.

But until I get them… my God… I’m going to wander.

27 cities in 27 months sounds like a great place to start.




6 thoughts on “27 candles

  1. Thanks for sharing! No my life isn’t exactly what I envisioned. I got married, had a baby and divorced shortly afterwards… dropped out of college but I’m very close to become a fulltime author so that’s very exciting.


    1. Yaaassssss! I firmly believe that timing is everything and everything happens for a reason!! I’m pretty sure you’re right where you need to be in this moment and that it’s only going to get better!!


  2. Happy belated birthday boo! Im a huge fan, i came across one of your books one day and it breathed life back into my hope for true love. I thank you.


  3. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I LOVE THIS AND I AM ENJOYING YOUR BLOG ( I JUST SUBSCRIBED TO IT). This is inspiring because I started a poetry blog back in August and I am continuously researching and planning to make my blog more effective, great. I am also praying to one day have published poetry books. Like you I want a dope life lol. I don’t want to settle and I plan to go after all my dreams and become a full-time writer. I ask myself everyday, “How can I make this my career?” Thank you for sharing.


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