A mix of Patrick Star and Erykah Badu (For the creatives and those who read and view what we create)

A mix of Patrick Star and Erykah Badu (For the creatives and those who read and view what we create)

“It’s too fast paced.”

“It was boring.”

“All of her books are the same.”

“This wasn’t like B. Love. It was different. I don’t like this for her.”

“It was great, but way too short.”

“It wasn’t deep enough like her other stuff.”

“Not long enough.”

“Not like her other stuff.”

“Didn’t like this from her.”

“Not like her other stuff.”

“Didn’t like this from her.”

“Not like her other stuff.”

“Didn’t like this from her.”

…but is that so bad?

Is it a crime to be different? To stand out? I pride myself in being unique and different. Must I ALWAYS write the same things the same way every time????

Okay, breathe.

Let’s start this conversation over.

Title –

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make the title, “The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma,” from Patrick on SpongeBob – “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my s*,” like Erykah Badu – “Random ramblings” – or “For the creatives.”

Still now, I’m not sure what the title is going to be. I guess we’ll find out at the same time lol.

Reason for the blog –

My next novel will be the biggest one I’ve written. The goal is 160K. I felt like in order for me to really give it my all that it’s imperative for me to remove myself from social media. My blog will be my way of remaining connected with MY world. MY readers.

So, I’m going to be blogging a lot more consistently through this process. Not sure how long I’ll be writing. Not sure how consistently I’ll be blogging. But both will be done. And both are gonna blow your mind! Too corny? Okay, let me refocus.

This blog is going to serve as my platform to dump all that I’m feeling out before I start my writing. If you can’t tell from the quotes / reviews at the top of this blog, this dump is for the creatives. For the creatives and authors who step out of the box. For the creatives who like to go against the grain. For the creatives who get chewed up if they do what is expected and if they do something different.

My advice? (To you and to me.)

You can’t please everyone!

There will ALWAYS be someone who has SOMETHING to say! They may say it to you, to someone else, or to themselves (which we want but hardly ever happens lol), but there will always be someone who won’t feel it. Who won’t get it. Who won’t vibe with it. Sometimes they’ll have genuine reasons. Sometimes it will be just a personal preference. Sometimes it will be just freaking because.

You can’t get caught up in that, though.

I know I know, your inner Badu want’s to come out and be like, but I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my s*. Who wants their work to be judged by the world? Well, creative, apparently you do because you put it out into the world. Oh? You didn’t want it to be judged negatively? You just wanted the love, support, adoration, and positive feedback?

Sorry, creative. That’s not how it works. You have to take the good with the bad. The beautiful with the ugly. The praise with the critiques. The beautiful with the downright ugly.

What’s the trick to handling it all?

To not be lifted high and made proud by the good, nor to be brought down low by the bad.


Reread that last line, creative. I am.

Creative expression of any kind is personal. It comes from experience, emotions, pain, love, devotion. It’s your heart and soul. You pour your all into it, right? You get attached to it, and because it’s your heart and soul and you take it personally you feel the need to protect your craft. Your art. Your music. Your books. Your whatever.

You have the RIGHT to be sensitive about your s*.


The moment you put yourself out there in front of the world you know what you did? You stripped yourself of your armor. You stripped yourself of your protection. You stripped yourself of your clothing. You opened yourself up in the most naked and vulnerable way. You puffed your chest out, pulled your rib cage open, pointed neon lighted signs at your heart that read, “Insert all of YOUR opinions about MY heart and passion and creativity and work HERE. Right HERE. In my HEART. In the CORE OF MY BEING.”

That’s what every creative does when they share their work with the world.

So, yes, I understand the sensitivity. I understand the hurt and pain and anger that comes when your work isn’t understood, appreciated, or accepted, but guess what?

It comes with the territory my creative friend.

Just because you’re sharing YOUR vision with the world doesn’t mean they will see it as you do. In all honesty, what good would that really be? Go with me here, I’m trying to make a point lol.

What point?!?

The point is…

As a creative, WE must create with all of our hearts and souls, but share it with the world in a detached sense.

As a creative, WE must be turtles.

Yea, turtles.

Soft and mushy on the inside but hard on the outside. Hard with thick skin. Thick skin that can withstand the criticisms of the world. No matter how right, wrong, unnecessary, or hurtful they may be.

Be turtles, creatives. Be able to accept the good and the bad reviews, critiques, and opinions of the world that you’ve nakedly exposed yourself to in all of your vulnerability.

To our viewers… to the people we share ourselves with…

Yes, we know that we’re opening ourselves up to you. We know that the moment we presented our craft to you that we gave you permission to let us know how you feel about our hearts, but can you do so in a nice and respectful way? You don’t have to be mean, hurtful, harsh, and insensitive. You don’t have to bash us because you didn’t agree with our vision. It’s ours. And you have yours. It’s great when they connect. Understandable when they don’t. I’m open. We’re open. Can you be open too?

Can you remember that this isn’t a song, or book, or piece of art, or talent, or gift, or ability that was created and given to you by an emotionless robot? No. We are humans. We feel. We feel very deeply about that thing you’re critiquing. Can you remember that?

Okay, I guess I’m done dumping today.

Catch me here again later?








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