Woman, it’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s okay to feel.

Woman, it’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s okay to feel.

To love is to be vulnerable.

Do you know the difference between the price and cost of something? The price is what a buyer pays for an object. The cost is the expense that the seller pays to provide that object for the buyer. It’s what the seller loses in exchange for being able to sell the object.

Think about your value.

Think about what you give in your relationships. There is a cost for everything that you give in your relationships. What you get is the price paid by someone to be with you. What you give is the cost you pay to be with someone.

The next time you decide to commit yourself to a meaningless relationship that you know will not lead to marriage I want you to ask yourself this question – what is this going to cost me? Then, follow up with this one – is what I’m going to gain worth what I’m going to lose?

In my opinion, the biggest cost of love is vulnerability. It’s the potential to be hurt. To experience heartache and pain. To open yourself to someone intimately, and give them access to you… become attached to them, and then it ends.

To be vulnerable is to exchange your power for love. For companionship.

When you open your heart to someone, you are essentially giving them power over your life and emotions. Whoever controls your heart controls you. God should be at the center of your heart; and the person you allow to occupy some of that space should be God chosen for you.

I know that I’ve said in the past that you shouldn’t love someone with all of your heart. I stand by that. The heart can be a sickly proud thing sometimes. Seeking only what it wants selfishly. Focused on feelings. Ignoring all signs and logic. When you give your heart to God and allow Him to purify your heart you are essentially tapping into the wellspring of your spiritual life. Your heart is where your desires, thoughts, will, sense of purpose, understanding, discernment and character reside.

When you allow God to purify your heart you are allowing Him to make you blameless in your spiritual life. There’s a sense of wisdom, discernment and selflessness that comes with having a pure heart. A pure heart leads to love for others. Active love that seeks peace and righteousness. This type of heart, filled with God, love, peace, wisdom… this heart can love unconditionally. Maturely. In wholeness. This kind of heart can be inhabited by your loved ones in a healthy manner. Why? Because this heart is aligned with your spirit and God’s spirit within you. This heart takes your soul into account.

When you choose to love someone, you are giving them access to your heart. You are giving them power over your heart. Be careful of who you give this power to. Be sure that you can trust this person with every part of you. Not only that, but be mindful of the power that you have over that person as well.

And please, don’t fall in love. Just the sound of falling into something sounds painful. Like a mistake. Like something you should avoid. Like something that happens when you rush. Like there is no guidance there. Instead, walk and grow in love. Take the time to get to know yourself and your partner.

The power you have over someone who loves you is greater than any other power you will ever have. – Paullina Simons



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