New release!

New release!

Now available on Amazon – To Take: A Novella

If I told you what this book was about… it would probably scare you away. There’s nothing normal about this love story. Packed inside of this novella is a fairytale romance that will leave you questioning your own reality. Are you brave enough to step outside of the box and into the world of Crimson Trails… where everything about the residents’ lives is ordered and arranged – including marriage? If so, take this journey with Maarz Henry and Haylo Dixon where one letter and one picture have enough power to change both of their lives forever.

*This is a novella 17,500 words in length*totake

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3 thoughts on “New release!

  1. Aww Maarz and Haylo, so beautiful. If only it was that simple. How wonderful would it be to be set up with ur “perfect” guy. 😍 Their parents did really good. I would be so afraid to marry someone I never met though and only communicated with for 2months. It takes a lot of trust and stepping out of ur comfort zone a LOT…. I love the man that Maarz is. Especially when he checked on her right before the wedding and prayed. (Swooning indeed) The book ended so quickly that I was like “wait not yet I need a little more.” Lol An epilogue or something even though you said it was a novella, I still didn’t want it to end. I hope we get a story about her sister in the future. That would be really nice update. 😉


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