Calling all the lost ones…

Calling all the lost ones…

Loneliness is a funny thing. Sometimes it will make you settle for things and relationships you don’t need just for the sake of not being alone. Or not having to start over again.

It’s a very dangerous thing to invest so much of yourself in a person or relationship that you lose yourself. When that relationship is over you end up feeling worse about yourself because of that persons denial of what you had to offer. You end up being empty because you’ve given so much without anything in return.

I am no stranger to losing yourself in a man. In my past I’ve been so in love with the IDEA of love that I’ve allowed relationships to consume me.

But hear me well; NEVER change your core self to be with someone. If they can’t accept who you are they are not the one for you. Now I’m not saying be stubborn and keep yourself from being in a healthy relationship because that person asked you to be consistent and you won’t… I’m saying… don’t change those things about you that make you you.


Your beliefs.

Your values.

Your dreams.

Your goals.

Your vision.

Your path of life.

Don’t allow a person to shape you into who they want because you won’t be able to recognize yourself. The facade will have you resenting them eventually. You’ll be so tied up in them that you will lose you and have nothing for yourself. Nothing of yourself. Nothing to offer.

Preserve your integrity.

Watch this video to find out how…

Click here!



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