Womanhood Wednesday

Womanhood Wednesday

Can you believe I’m blogging again? Pah! Crazy, right? Well, I just figured I should get consistent with this thing, you know?

So… heyyyyyy!

It’s me B!

I know I know… where have I been?

I’ve been… writing! I have a full year of releases ready to write and publish, so with the extra time I’ve decided to get back to blogging!

Self-Love Sunday will return! Every Sunday I’ll post a picture, blog, or video on self-love, worth, confidence… you get the picture!

Wednesday will be womanhood Wednesday. I’ll post a picture, blog, or video on womanhood, femininity, and things that I hope will speak to your soul. I will also put the spotlight on inspirational women that inspire me!

Friday will be Fact Friday! What facts will I be sharing??? All the facts, tips, lessons, wisdom, quotes, pictures, videos, and words I can find on love and relationships!

Okay, so… since today is Wednesday it’s womanhood Wednesday. I want to share a video with you that made me all teary eyed when I watched it. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit of a cry baby naturally, but this really is a beautiful video and reminder of who YOU are, woman!

Watch and enjoy!



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