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Although their last name is Cage, this family cannot be caught or contained.

Sunshine Cage created and leads the biggest drug cartel in Memphis – La Familia. She runs La Familia with her sisters and cousins. Sunshine is known for her beauty, street smarts, and soft heart. As the youngest of the Cage crew, Sunshine’s sisters and cousins guard her heart ferociously. They give no man the chance to enter Sunshine’s life and heart.

She is the brain behind everything they’ve built. She approves every deal and every hit they make. She is the foundation they stand on. So, what happens when the foundation is rocked and no longer able to keep steady?

That’s the question the rest of her family is left asking when Qwazi Marine comes into Sunshine’s life and gives her the love she’s been seeking desperately. The love they’ve been trying so hard to keep her away from.

Sunshine’s bad habit of falling for the potential of what a man could be to her puts not only her caged heart at risk… but also the success of all that La Familia has built. Will Qwazi be the man that proves Sunshine can have both love and the cold heart needed to run the streets? Or will he be the reason her heart and freedom become another one of love’s casualties?

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Self-Love Sun… oh… whatever.

Self-Love Sun… oh… whatever.

So… yea.

This Self-Love Sunday business has gone horribly lol.

This is what we’re going to do…

I’m about to put the entire self-love set of content (14 posts) in an email blast. Starting Sunday, you’re going to get a self-love email sent to you for 14 days straight.

Here’s how it’s going to work…

You’re going to sign up today or tomorrow by clicking here to add your email address to the list. Then, starting Sunday, you’re going to receive an email from me every day for 14 days at 12pm central standard time.

There won’t be any need to worry about me forgetting to send them because I’m setting up all 14 emails tonight!

So… go ahead and add your email to the list!

Love, B. Love

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