Self love Sunday – Intro!

Self love Sunday – Intro!

Great morning!

So… I woke up this morning and I had an idea. The idea – to blog about something most people wouldn’t know I struggle with personally. To blog about something that a lot of people struggle with, but are sometimes too embarrassed to admit.

Loving self.

Now… you may say well I know I’m cute.

I’m NOT insecure.

So… I love myself, right?

Well… there’s a lot that goes into loving self. It goes beyond finding yourself attractive physically. Although some people can’t even do that.

Do you value yourself? Do you respect yourself? Do you have boundaries in your relationships? Are you practicing self care? Do you have more good habits than bad? Are you selective of the energies you have around you?

Most importantly… are you practicing what I call the relational trinity in a healthy manner? Woah. That’s dope. I need to copyright that because I don’t want anyone to steal it before I blow up. Lol. The relational trinity™  (pahaha) is basically the act of loving God first. Then self. Then others.

Loving self has gotten such a bad rap. People think if you love yourself you’re selfish. Arrogant. But that’s not the case. Yes, there are some instances where shallow, jaded people use loving self as a means to justify their selfishness, but the true act of loving self is simply seeing yourself as God sees you. Valuing yourself as God values you. Caring for yourself as God would care for you.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with loving yourself.

How can you love others if you don’t love yourself?

The bible says that we are to love God first, and that the second greatest command is that we love our neighbor as we LOVE OURSELVES. How do we skip over that <—?

You can’t love your neighbor properly if you don’t love yourself properly.


A lot of our relationships with men and women are failing because we are loving them more than we love ourselves. We are putting them above ourselves and God.

I’m done with that!

That causes too much pain and disappointment. I’m about to get this thang right by getting the act of the relational trinity right.

Will you join me?

I will be blogging on a more consistent basis, but every Sunday it is my goal from this point forward to blog about self love.

If you want to take this journey of wholeness and bettering with me leave a comment so I can hold you accountable ( and myself because if you’re doing it I have no choice but to follow through 🙂 ) Leave a comment, contact me through my contact page, find me on social media @authorblove do something to make your decision visible.

This is going to be fun. This is going to be monumental. This is going to be dope!




11 thoughts on “Self love Sunday – Intro!

  1. Yes this is really about me. I have always loved and took care of everyone else but myself. I struggle with loving myself. I am also reading a book called Trust by iyanla Vanzant it is very good so far. Learning to trust self and love self.


  2. That’s dope B. Love! This might be the realist I’ve heard because it’s so true. I cannot wait to see where this goes…where it takes you…God is truly speaking through you.


  3. I use to do this take care of everyone, and not me. Once, I let those people go. Girrrrrrl, what a difference!! I love me some me. I found this happiness that I can’t describe. People use to come up to me after I left that situation and say gosh you are glowing, you look beautiful. I’m like what, they would say you was always pretty, but it’s something different about. That was that I am happy. I have peace. I meditate and read my bible in the mornings. I am happy with this new journey that I am. I am here with you B love. I didn’t know you had a blog.


  4. I know what you mean. I use to take care of everyone, trying to please them. I wasn’t doing anything for me. I left that situation and found me. I found my happy and my peace. Everywhere I went people would say you just got this glow about you. I am loving what you are doing!!!!


  5. I am down for the cause… which is what I always tell someone when they talk about being in a relationship. Is learn to love and respect yourself… Learn from your past and never be ashamed of it, you must embrace it and use it towards something great… Yourself. But you have love yourself first… that way the next person cannot come to you and disrespect you.


  6. I too have problems with loving myself. I have always given to everyone and it is a struggle to break the cycle. But GOD will restore! In Jesus’ name


  7. Wow B this is right on time I’m truly in need of this topic and will gladly take this journey of seeking self love with you and all your followers. We can learn to love ourselves together.


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