Don’t waste your loyalty!

Don’t waste your loyalty!

To be loyal to someone is to support someone. To be faithful to them. To devote yourself to them. To be obedient to them. To be committed to them.

I’m a naturally loyal person. From my relationships, to my jobs, to my hair brands. If I like one product I have to buy the entire line and not use anything else. I’m just that loyal.

This loyalty was once a weakness because I had a bad habit of being loyal to people who didn’t deserve it. I stuck around with people who didn’t deserve or appreciate me, simply because that’s the type of person I am. They hadn’t done anything to earn my loyalty, and they weren’t doing anything to keep my loyalty – yet they had it anyway.

Even after a relationship would end, they would still be calling me for love, support, advice, prayer, an ear, money, sex… whatever they needed. They knew that I was loyal and they took advantage of that.

The problem with this was that I found myself desiring to be loyal less and less. I didn’t want to be loyal to a new man because of what the old one did. I allowed their abuse of my loyalty to change me.

Never let a person change your character and bring you out of yourself. Never lose yourself trying to satisfy or keep someone else.

I believe that loyalty is something that should be freely given, but earned on a deeper level. If a person isn’t committed to you, the only person you owe your loyalty to is yourself. If that person isn’t loyal to you, and you’re giving all of your loyalty to them, who’s looking out for you?

If someone isn’t willing to put in the effort to get you, they are not worthy enough to have you. If you’re putting their best interest first and putting yourself second who’s putting you first and taking care of you? Master self. Give your loyalty to people who will mirror that same loyalty and value you the same way that you value yourself. Whatever you give, whatever you lose in costs, must be paid and returned by your partner to balance you out.

Get ready to read more in Heart on My Fingers 4.26.16



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