Now Available! His Piece of Peace

Now Available! His Piece of Peace

“Are you going to deny me of you? No one else mattered to me at the sight of you.”
The first time Benz saw Malachi it was after finding out about the latest scheme her ex pulled to get her attention – freezing their joint bank account. Tired, jaded, and frustrated, Benz storms out of the bank and into the broad chest of Malachi. With no knowledge of Benz, or her situation, Malachi hands Benz enough money to pay her bills for the month and have some left over.
The second time Benz saw Malachi it was after hearing shots fired in the Kroger parking lot – when he jumps into her car, points a gun to her head, and tells her to drive!
When Malachi is accused of killing a cop, his only hope is to flee Memphis while his Lawyer pleads his case. Because he helped her out, Benz saw this as the perfect opportunity to return the favor. Food? Sure. Shelter? Fine. Go on the run with you? No – wait, okay. Okay? Benz can’t believe the hold Malachi has on her.
She knows little to nothing about this man; yet she’s putting her life and freedom in jeopardy just to be with him. As if that isn’t a big enough burden to carry on their shoulders, they have to deal with lingering exes that won’t catch the hint that they’ve moved on. Landen and Porsha join forces to find Malachi and Benz before the police do.
Will Malachi and Benz make it to Cuba and live happily ever after? Will they be found by the police and face prison time or even death? Or, will Landen and Porsha find them and lay claim to their hearts and break up their union before it really even starts? Read His Piece of Peace now to find out!

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Now Available! Alayziah: When Loving Him is Complicated II

Now Available! Alayziah: When Loving Him is Complicated II


Alayziah’s life takes a drastic turn. After losing a man that was never really hers, Alayziah is convinced that love is her drug, that men are her suppliers, and that it’s time to break her bad habit that’s more like a cycle. As if in rehab, Alayziah dedicates herself to school and her poetry, which introduces her to Kailani. Kailani hooks Alayziah up with the hottest music producer in Memphis, Terrell. The moment Terrell locks eyes with Alayziah, business is the farthest thing from his mind. He wants to claim her heart and love the pain out of her that has been buried deep within. Will Alayziah let her guard down one more time or will she allow her past experiences to keep her from the one man that she can truly love and be loved by?

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You cannot play the victim if you put yourself in the position to be victimized.

You cannot play the victim if you put yourself in the position to be victimized.

You cannot play the victim if you put yourself in the position to be victimized.

The first time I found out that he lied to me, I had every right to be hurt. To be angry. To be disappointed. To play the victim. At that point, I had two options –

  1. Stay and trust and take full responsibility for my heart.
  2. Leave and cut all ties and move on. Break my heart before I gave him further permission to.

I chose to stay.

So, when he lied the second time, I couldn’t play the victim. I put myself in the position to be hurt because I stayed; knowing he was capable of lying. I couldn’t blame him. I had to blame myself for choosing to stay.

Me staying led to me being paranoid and having trust issues. Nagging him and being a source of negative energy instead of peace. Creating a toxic cycle of me accusing and him refusing to give me love – which led to my disrespect. My disrespect led to less love, and less love led to more disrespect. And on and on. And on and on.

I wanted to play the victim and blame him for our demise, but the woman in me wouldn’t allow me to. I had to take responsibility for my choices because my choices made room for his actions. The only reason he was able to do what he did to me was because I allowed him to.

Yes, for his lying and cheating – he was wrong. But, because I allowed this to go on, I wasn’t right.

We have to hold ourselves accountable. We have to stop being little boys and girls who lie to get what we want. We have to stop being little boys and girls who want to be lied to because we’re afraid of the truth. Who blame everyone for what they’ve done to us without accepting the fact that the one to blame… is you.

It’s true, we can’t control what people do to us, but we can control how we respond to it, if we accept it, and if we allow it to continue on.

Instead of playing the victim, reclaim power over your heart, emotions, and life by holding yourself accountable for allowing people to do what they’ve done to you.

“Fool me once, shame on you… fool me twice, can’t put the blame on you.”

STOP giving people 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances to show you that they don’t value you and appreciate you.

The only person that can truly take away your power and make you a victim is you.

Now Available! – Love Me Until I Love Myself

Now Available! – Love Me Until I Love Myself

Coming 3/1/16

What would you do, if the one you loved most betrayed you?

Delilah had dreams of becoming a well-known and financially stable model and clothing designer. Her dreams seemed to be completely out of her reach until she met Tory.

Tory needed a beautiful woman to seduce his brother and take part in a scandal big enough to strip his brother, Sage, of his good reputation and position as President of their family company.

When Tory saw Delilah he knew she was the one, and for fifty thousand dollars Delilah willingly agreed.

When Sage saw Delilah he knew she was the one, but she wasn’t saved. She didn’t have a relationship with Christ. Ignoring the little tug at his heart that told him to stay away from her, Sage gave Delilah his heart recklessly and was forced to pick up the pieces when her betrayal shattered it.

After Sage finds out who Delilah really is and what her true intentions were, he’s faced with the most difficult decision of his life – loving and being merciful like the God he claims to serve, or seeking revenge on her and his brother for all of the damage they’ve caused in his life and reputation.

Which one will he choose? Read this standalone modern day Samson and Delilah story to find out!

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